Monday, September 24, 2012

Travis & Kristin- Villa Antonia

Travis and Kristin are such a great couple. I met them while photographing Travis' Sister Kim's wedding over a year ago and as soon as they chose their venue they gave me a call. They met at a mutual friend's birthday party and discovered that as a couple they are both fun, playful and loud, haha. They began spending every available moment together and it became apparent to both that this was love. Even their little quirks like Kristin's hatred of junebugs(those prickly, sticky legs...yuck) and Travis' dislike of melons (all types, hmmm), his analytical nature and her please everyone attitude are endearing to each other. Hmmm, I think people pleaser tends to describe me as well cause I will do whatever it takes to make a bride's wedding day as stress free and perfect as possible, lacing dresses, wranmgling flowers or groomsmen...whatever.
Travis' romantic side sure came through with his sunset proposal at the top of Mt Bonnell. Then came the venue hunt.  Villa Antonia,  it is a Tuscan Villa with numerous concrete decks overlooking the Hill Country and an onsite chapel. A gorgeous, spacious, beautiful location for both ceremony and reception and, man, a spectacular photo spot. Kristin fell in love at first photo with it as their wedding venue,  We did Kristin's bridal portraits on site and I know it was hard for me to choose my favorite. I am looking forward to hearing about their Honeymoon and future photos with both sides of this great family.

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