Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Eileen & Marcus

This bubbly bride glowed from the moment I met her all the way through the wedding.  All during their  engagements at Old Settlers Park and then bridal portraits at the Capital her big blue eyes and gorgeous smile just shone as well as their playful nature.  She and Marcus had met in High School and started dating because she lost a bet over a football game.  They consider themselves as a couple goofy, loveable and like the Honeymooners from old tv.  Eileen says her most memorable moment of their early togetherness was during their high school graduation.  As class president she had a speech during which Marcus yelled "I Love You" for the entire class and audience to hear.  His proposal was on her doorstep at 2am.  She loves that he makes these grand gestures and is never serious.  Love and Fun is definitely in their future.