Thursday, July 19, 2012

Green Light

Raymond at work with Everafterimages
My new favorite photo Debra Malkiewicz captured of me at a wedding a few months back.  As many of you know - EverafterImages has taken on a new direction.  While we still shoot 95% of our weddings together - Debra has taken on more management tasks as Raymond expands his commitment to the senior citizen community working for ADT in the Home Health division.  This new job is so rewarding- The stories I hear from our senior community.  I have a new "friend" 91 years young in Killeen that just loves to write poetry -  Then I met a man (77) who is so in love with his wife of 54 years (she is in the hospital - His commitment to her happiness is so very touching.

Anyway -  Look for more images from Debra and I'll post some more snippits of life with the senior community from time to time.

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