Thursday, February 16, 2012

Portrait Photography: Because Every Day Is an Event

Here at EverAfter Images we talk a lot about wedding and event photography, but we do a huge amount of portrait photography as well. And that makes perfect sense, because even wedding photography isn't about the wedding per se -- it's about the people. And those same people will also experience many other milestones in their lives, from births and anniversaries to graduations. Even an "ordinary" individual portrait captures a treasured memory.

That's why we encourage our wedding clients to stick with us for all their formal photography needs, year after year. We build genuine bonds with families when we help them plan their wedding photographs, and we want those bonds remain intact long after the rice has been thrown and the guests have waved goodbye. A married couple is hopefully embarking on a lifetime journey, and we can be there every step of the way to record that journey.

If you would like to arrange for baby's first portrait, a beautiful photo commemorating the prom, a book-jacket photo or any other set of individual or group shots, contact us and we'll discuss your needs. If you have an interesting setting in mind, we can come out to that location. If you'd prefer the controlled environment of our studio, that's great too. We can recommend wardrobe choices and color combinations that flatter the subject and evoke all the right responses (and none of the wrong ones). The results are visually creative portraits that capture not only a certain look but a tone and atmosphere to match.

Imagine knowing that the same brilliant quality of photography that shines through your wedding pictures will illuminate your 20th anniversary portraits or your children's formal graduation portraits. We're here for all of your life's photo ops -- just give us a call!

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