Friday, February 3, 2012

I tend to be an online workshop person, but I think that will change. I had so much fun at the mj2day workshop in Phoenix this week. Even with my interesting travel route…why on earth Delta decided I needed Minneapolis as a layover between Phoenix and Austin, I don’t know. But it was worth it.

After lurking on MJs blog for years, yes, I admit I am a lurker, it was wonderful to see and hear her in person. And meet Dixie too! What a cutie!

So now my brain is full of ideas. My main one being the redesign of my logo and website….not to mention workflow! Wow, have I been doing things the hard way! I am so excited to get this done and it will be done…if not, I know at least a few of the mj2day ladies will be inquiring about it, for sure.

Oh and, definitely a huge thank you goes out to the adorable Sara & Ryan for being so patient and still appearing comfortable with so many cameras clicking away. A few of my favs from the ones I took of them.


amy said...

nice work, debra! it was great to get to know you. i have a few pics of you that i will send.


Melissa Jill :) said...

Awesome Debra! It was so fun to have you as part of the workshop!

Lauren Pinson said...

It was so great to meet you! Bug me until I burn that disc and get it in the mail!