Monday, September 24, 2012

Katie & David

You might say Katie & David are legacy clients.  We photographed Katie's brother's wedding years ago and had the privilege to photograph hers at the Doubletree Hotel.  The night was magical with gorgeous flowers arranged by her Aunt, love in their eyes, sparkling lights overhead and a dance floor filled with family and friends.  The little ones especially had a fantastic time and were included in every aspect of the wedding.  There were 6 flower girls and 5 ringbearers.  Talk about wrangling for the ceremony, courtyard photos and then they took to the dance floor.   At one point a flower girl even appropriated Katie's veil and was modeling with it on the dance floor.  Hope to see them soon with news of their own little one on the way.

Travis & Kristin- Villa Antonia

Travis and Kristin are such a great couple. I met them while photographing Travis' Sister Kim's wedding over a year ago and as soon as they chose their venue they gave me a call. They met at a mutual friend's birthday party and discovered that as a couple they are both fun, playful and loud, haha. They began spending every available moment together and it became apparent to both that this was love. Even their little quirks like Kristin's hatred of junebugs(those prickly, sticky legs...yuck) and Travis' dislike of melons (all types, hmmm), his analytical nature and her please everyone attitude are endearing to each other. Hmmm, I think people pleaser tends to describe me as well cause I will do whatever it takes to make a bride's wedding day as stress free and perfect as possible, lacing dresses, wranmgling flowers or groomsmen...whatever.
Travis' romantic side sure came through with his sunset proposal at the top of Mt Bonnell. Then came the venue hunt.  Villa Antonia,  it is a Tuscan Villa with numerous concrete decks overlooking the Hill Country and an onsite chapel. A gorgeous, spacious, beautiful location for both ceremony and reception and, man, a spectacular photo spot. Kristin fell in love at first photo with it as their wedding venue,  We did Kristin's bridal portraits on site and I know it was hard for me to choose my favorite. I am looking forward to hearing about their Honeymoon and future photos with both sides of this great family.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Eileen & Marcus

This bubbly bride glowed from the moment I met her all the way through the wedding.  All during their  engagements at Old Settlers Park and then bridal portraits at the Capital her big blue eyes and gorgeous smile just shone as well as their playful nature.  She and Marcus had met in High School and started dating because she lost a bet over a football game.  They consider themselves as a couple goofy, loveable and like the Honeymooners from old tv.  Eileen says her most memorable moment of their early togetherness was during their high school graduation.  As class president she had a speech during which Marcus yelled "I Love You" for the entire class and audience to hear.  His proposal was on her doorstep at 2am.  She loves that he makes these grand gestures and is never serious.  Love and Fun is definitely in their future. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Green Light

Raymond at work with Everafterimages
My new favorite photo Debra Malkiewicz captured of me at a wedding a few months back.  As many of you know - EverafterImages has taken on a new direction.  While we still shoot 95% of our weddings together - Debra has taken on more management tasks as Raymond expands his commitment to the senior citizen community working for ADT in the Home Health division.  This new job is so rewarding- The stories I hear from our senior community.  I have a new "friend" 91 years young in Killeen that just loves to write poetry -  Then I met a man (77) who is so in love with his wife of 54 years (she is in the hospital - His commitment to her happiness is so very touching.

Anyway -  Look for more images from Debra and I'll post some more snippits of life with the senior community from time to time.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Eric & Laura

Eric and Laura promised forever to each other on a beautiful sundrenched day this May for their wedding out at Casa Blanca on Brushy Creek. Family and friends and their golden retriever ring-bearer sat creek side watching their exchange of vows.  Laura's bouquet included numerous brooches of different styles which enhanced the bling value beautifully. Hand decorated letters spelling her new last name decorated the cake table and personal touches were everywhere! So much fun was this couple and their family and friends that narrowing the photos for posting to their personal website(and this blog) was crazy!

Monday, March 26, 2012

See him before the wedding?

A new wedding day tradition (for Austin, anyways) that I am starting to see is the "first look".  This is where the bride and groom have a private moment (usually with just the photographer) for them to get that first look at each other before the wedding. I have found this a fairly common ocurrence with East Coast weddings that I have photographed. I have found that I really like

this event as there is great anticipation and wonderful, wonderful expressions and joy when they turn and first see each other. We take a few photos then I give them a few private moments to visit together. Another benefit is that once the look has happened then we can go right into the formal photos ahead of the wedding and then there is no or very little delay between the ceremony and the bride and groom's enjoying their cocktail hour or reception. What are your thoughts on the "first look" vs no look?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Portrait Photography: Because Every Day Is an Event

Here at EverAfter Images we talk a lot about wedding and event photography, but we do a huge amount of portrait photography as well. And that makes perfect sense, because even wedding photography isn't about the wedding per se -- it's about the people. And those same people will also experience many other milestones in their lives, from births and anniversaries to graduations. Even an "ordinary" individual portrait captures a treasured memory.

That's why we encourage our wedding clients to stick with us for all their formal photography needs, year after year. We build genuine bonds with families when we help them plan their wedding photographs, and we want those bonds remain intact long after the rice has been thrown and the guests have waved goodbye. A married couple is hopefully embarking on a lifetime journey, and we can be there every step of the way to record that journey.

If you would like to arrange for baby's first portrait, a beautiful photo commemorating the prom, a book-jacket photo or any other set of individual or group shots, contact us and we'll discuss your needs. If you have an interesting setting in mind, we can come out to that location. If you'd prefer the controlled environment of our studio, that's great too. We can recommend wardrobe choices and color combinations that flatter the subject and evoke all the right responses (and none of the wrong ones). The results are visually creative portraits that capture not only a certain look but a tone and atmosphere to match.

Imagine knowing that the same brilliant quality of photography that shines through your wedding pictures will illuminate your 20th anniversary portraits or your children's formal graduation portraits. We're here for all of your life's photo ops -- just give us a call!

Friday, February 3, 2012

I tend to be an online workshop person, but I think that will change. I had so much fun at the mj2day workshop in Phoenix this week. Even with my interesting travel route…why on earth Delta decided I needed Minneapolis as a layover between Phoenix and Austin, I don’t know. But it was worth it.

After lurking on MJs blog for years, yes, I admit I am a lurker, it was wonderful to see and hear her in person. And meet Dixie too! What a cutie!

So now my brain is full of ideas. My main one being the redesign of my logo and website….not to mention workflow! Wow, have I been doing things the hard way! I am so excited to get this done and it will be done…if not, I know at least a few of the mj2day ladies will be inquiring about it, for sure.

Oh and, definitely a huge thank you goes out to the adorable Sara & Ryan for being so patient and still appearing comfortable with so many cameras clicking away. A few of my favs from the ones I took of them.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 A Year in Review

Goodbye to 2011...
Another busy and photo filled year with plenty of new friends.

We wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank all of our wonderful couples of 2011.

Additionally, we thought that it would be fun to show you some of our favorite images from the past year - enjoy!
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