Monday, November 14, 2011

Up Lighting

We have been thinking of investing in “Up Lighting” to bring with us at select wedding events. There is just something magical about entering a large room with columns of light beaming. LED Uplighing is a relatively new trend to turn just about any room into a special gathering place for all night dancing or elegant affairs. Photographing rooms with up - lighting requires a tripod, cable release and a high ISO capable camera with superior optical lens, we used the Canon “L” glass 16mm / 35mm zoom lens for this shot. Each image was a 1/10 of a second exposure at a high aperture for best depth of field

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This photo is 11 images stitched together for an incredible 280+ degree field of view. The wedding venue “Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa” also provided a projected city scape and other lighting effects for our bride and groom.
The second photo with our bride and groom is just one small section of the room, using about ⅓ of the background on the right. (see the right side of the panoramic to see when we placed the happy couple). We positioned our couple in the light that was projecting their initials on the dance floor. We used a small zoom 28 mm / 70 mm “L” lens to help compress the background. This was also at a “long exposure aperture” with the camera mounted to a tripod and cable release.
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vencanice beograd said...

Wow, so nice . This light is so perfect for a wedding. This couple had amazing decoration and lights on their wedding.

vencanice said...

Thanks nice post. You did really nice work with this post.