Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tradition, Texans & Boots

When Matt popped the question to wed his longtime girlfriend joining their two families, his Alma Mater at West Point was the perfect place for them to hold their long awaited joining. They have been together more than 6 years and have raised their respective sons as a family. A tradition with graduates of West Point, the Cadet Chapel and Thayer Hotel add an amazing intensity to this so special event. It's fall and in NY/CT the air is crisp and cool with hints of woodsmoke. The leaves on the trees are just starting to change. Rehearsal day and I checked into the historic Thayer Hotel on the bank of the Hudson River. Built in 1928 it has seen numerous presidents, dignitaries and proud guests too. Cadet Chapel on the West Point campus is an amazing site for a ceremony. The Chapel was built in 1910 from granite quarried right at West Point. Their wedding morning dawned bright and crisp with a promise of unseasonably warm temps (Forecast was for 83 degrees). The Texans in the group especially enjoyed the cool morning. With an 11 am ceremony time photos started bright and early while Jill got her hair done at the on site salon. Then it was up to the Eisenhower Suite for her to do her makeup and dress. Off we rushed for a stately, yet, intimate family ceremony. The walk up the aisle is 210 feet long and Jill was escorted up the aisle by her son, Grayson. We had brief minutes only to do a quick wedding party portrait on the front steps and then a quick couple of shots of Jill and Matt at the altar before our allotted Chapel time was up. With the frequency of weddings held at this location schedules are rigorously adhered to. Off went Jill, Matt and I to get a few photos of them at significant points around the campus. Trophy Point overlooking the Hudson, the green Plain in front of the Cadet Barracks and The Lusk Reservoir, too. Back at the Thayer we did family portraits before heading in to a wonderfully relaxed reception of family, dancing and lots and lots of fantastic food. Jill danced in her wedding gift from Matt of beautiful new boots. After the reception the party continued with drinks and dancing under the stars at the Thayer’s rooftop bar. It’s rumored that there was a bit of dancing on the bar…Go Grayson! What a wonderful trip and memorable wedding.

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