Monday, October 10, 2011

Red Mustang Wedding

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I have wanted to capture an image like this for years! Last nights wedding at Texas Old Town with just the right combination of a fun (good looking) couple, a cool car, an isolated road, and good natural light... What bonus it was right after a much needed rain to saturate the fall colors background colors.

We have a Toyota Highlander 4-Dr. To accomplish the above photo, I moved to the rear seat behind the driver (to capture the brides expression(s) and to shoot out the window). Our able 2nd shooter Sylvia was driving the car as I snapped away photos. I dropped the shutter speed down to 1/25th of a second to “motion blur” the background. We drove alongside, and slightly ahead of the mustang couple. At this low shutter speed, I knew we would sacrifice many, many photos to get “the one” that was clear enough to preserve detail in the car, bride, groom - but blur the background. Because our couple was so willing, and the road was so very isolated I moved to the back of the Highland, lifted the tail gate door up and drove with the back side open... For the second series of photos - I moved the shutter up to 1/200th of a second.Click to Enlarge

We never went over 15 mph! That’s the beauty of this type of image - it looks like we are going so much faster. With the overcast light and cloud cover we had nice tones that would be brought out with photoshop. A polarized filter was added to the lens to cut the glare of the mustangs windshield.

Congratulations Darrel and Sarah on your special day - you helped make it even more special for me too.

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Judy Ford said...

Dear Sarah,
My what a beautiful (Bride) and young lady you have grown up to be, yet in a way, you still look like the little Sarah I remember! Darrel, YOU are a Very Lucky Young Man and I hope you take very good care of this special young lady. May you BOTH ALWAYS KEEP LOVE & LAUGHTER in your life. LAUGH out loud, do silly things togeather,you will always REMEMBER these things, trust me. Memories, no matter how small, how silly will never be FORGOTTEN. Live your life to the fullest and BE HAPPY. I wish YOU BOTH SO MUCH LOVE,& LAUGHTER and be sure to Grow TOGEATHER. With All My Love....... Judy

Jerzy Modrak said...

A red Ford Mustang for a wedding! WOW! Its been my dream!