Thursday, September 1, 2011

Uncle Bob

Non Professional Photography
Beware of “Uncle Bob Syndrome”

You have invested thousands of dollars on your wedding. From the food to the music to the location to the gown, this magic moment will be, must be, perfect. All that’s left to take care of is the photography. Hey, let’s get Uncle Bob to do it! He has a camera….

If the probable outcome of that decision makes you cringe, you understand the horror of what we call Uncle Bob Syndrome. Skimp on your wedding photography and you lose the opportunity to capture that gorgeous investment in a way that would do it justice. And yet people make this mistake all the time. We have several couples each year tell us, “We should have hired you instead.” Ouch.

Uncle Bob Syndrome invites mistakes. For instance, an inexperienced photographer may not recognize when his equipment is wrong for the job. Someone who has managed to shoot decent photos for a normal daytime wedding may find himself completely over their head shooting a dark cathedral with multicolored stained glass and dark-red carpeting bouncing odd colors up into faces. You need a lens that can scoop up huge amounts of light, and the know-how to use it correctly under such circumstances. Otherwise, Uncle Bob has struck again.

Uncle Bob Syndrome can raise its ugly head (no offense, Uncle Bob) even with a professional photographer -- if you haven’t engaged the right professional photographer. Wedding photography has its own special demands and pitfalls, including crowd control. Say you hire a highly regarded scenic photographer for your outdoor wedding. Well, your scenic photographer makes his living shooting non-moving objects, flowers, birds and trees. They don't know how to corral an entire wedding party and work around musicians, caterers, flowers, dogs, cats, you name it.

Don’t let Uncle Bob spoil your wedding memories. Leave the photography to the pros!

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