Saturday, September 24, 2011

He Said YES!

The Band Plays On
I stumbled upon a unique opportunity at lunch yesterday as I chowed down at the new Cedar Park Mighty Fine Hamburger restaurant. Across from me were two employees on their lunch break and I could not help but over hear in the discussion that Jessica was going to ask Josh to marry her later that night. Jessica was showing her co-worker the ring she bought to give to Josh. I asked if I might introduce myself - what fate that Jessica was sitting across from a wedding photographer. After a brief into - I found out that after 7:00 PM they would be at Zed’s of Austin for dinner and that Jessica had planned flowers to be brought to the table around dessert and she would then “pop the question”. I asked Jessica if it would be OK to document the event with photos. She was thrilled at the idea and welcomed me to her event.

I arrived about 10 minutes before Jessica and Josh. I had never been to Zed’s but could tell right away that this was a special place. Zed's is a modern, casual restaurant serving American fare with Austin-inspired preparations and ingredients. Set upon three acres that include spacious decks, a pond, a hike and bike trail and indigenous landscaping, Zed's has created an oasis in the city, just minutes from the hustle and bustle of I-35. The hot Austin summer days are just starting to cool off and a live band was just getting set up to entertain the crowd. There was a grass area for many to sit, enjoy music, food and drink - You can even bring your dog to Zed’s as long as they stay in the “grass area” slightly away from the restaurant patio. As the night advanced, I knew I would be pushing the limits of my Canon 7D’s light gathering with the lens a 70-200 mm f 2/8 IS mounted to a mono pod. Yes, Jessica and Josh sat at the darkest part of the patio - nice! As the moment drew near - I positioned myself closer to their table. With the band playing in the distance - I had wanted to “blend in” as a photographer interested in taking photos of the band - then would turn around at the appropriate moment and capture this special night.

And then it happed - yes, Josh said YES! Congratulations Jessica and Josh - EverafterImages was happy to be involved in your special night.

Jessica asks Josh for his hand in marrage

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