Sunday, August 21, 2011

Panoramic Photography: The Big Picture

Check out this photo. It’s got everything – the band playing, the bride and groom dancing, the family and friends looking on. It’s a complete, timeless moment – and ordinary photography would never have caught it. Well, not all of it, anyway, not all at once. An image like this calls for the magic of panoramic photography.

Panoramic photography combines multiple photos into one extra-wide composite image. For this shot we actually took multiple overlapping photos one right after another, using a single controller to trigger all the lights. We then used digital software (photoshop CS5) to stitch the images together into a realistic panorama. (Every once in a while you might get a tiny “edge” between images, but over the years we’ve learned how to make such artifacts almost invisible to all but the sharpest eye.)

Panoramic photography means you don’t have to settle for capturing one aspect of the moment at the expense of another. If this were a traditional shot, for instance, you’d have to focus on the couple dancing – a nice image to be sure, but only part of the story – and then get a shot of the band, and then get a shot of the wedding guests. And sure enough, you can break this shot into its component parts and still have three lovely images. But in real life it’s all happening at once, and in a panoramic shot you can see that.

Specialized technology and techniques such as panoramic photography give you one more great reason to go for the best, most capable professional wedding photographer for possibly can. Don’t trust this level of work to just any guy with a digital camera. If you want results like this, you know whom to call – us!

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