Saturday, March 26, 2011


Click to enlarge -Just before sunset, less red glow

Built by Austintatious Pools, click to enlarge

TwiNight is the time of day immediately following sunset

For photographers it is one of the favored times for low light photography because there is still enough ambient light floating about to gather detail / but dark enough to achieve a “glow” from various electric light sources. Another feature of twinight is the deep blue sky that often is what photographers are looking for. This deep blue sky effect might also be accomplished early morning just before sunrise. This twinight photo is from a recent shoot we did for an advertisement for Austintatious Pools for a local magazine - This fantastic pool is just outside of Austin Texas on the border of Dripping Springs. It features a hot tub, cave, waterfall, special lights and plenty of deck space. A new outside kitchen is in the process of being built. The owners Gayland and Rebecca were gracious and kind during the photo-shoot. I set up about 1 hour before sunset with tripod, 8mm fisheye, cable release and off camera flash. The final exposure was 2.5 seconds at f/5.6 @ 200 ISO. A little off camera fill flash brings out the blue in water from the dark bottom pool. We are hoping for a follow-up shoot when the outdoor kitchen is ready...or maybe a BBQ.

Update July 2011: This photo made it to a local TV Commercial for Austintatious Pools. How cool is that


Harry, Los Angeles said...

Ray and Debra, you guys did it again! Awesome pictures, what a talent you guys have.

Kevin Faure said...

love the pool pics!! very good as always

EverafterImages.Com said...

Update - This pool and a photo from the shoot made it to a TV comercial

Michael Hurosky said...

Ray & Debra, Just think 10 years and 300 pools later & it all started with Your Pool!! Thanks for the Years of Great referrals and these spectacular photos!

vencanice said...

Fantastic post. This pool is fantastic for a wedding.