Monday, February 28, 2011



Bridesmaids tend to offer unusual helpful suggestions to little wedding day dilemmas on occasion. A couple of years ago there was one incident where a bride with a strapless dress was having a hard time keeping her undergarments from showing as the bodice tended to slip down. She mentioned during her dressing this issue As her bridesmaids assisted her in dressing and one helpful bridesmaid suggested they come up with a code word for this issue. That way they would nonchalantly walk up and mention the code word and she could discreetly adjust the wayward dress. The first suggestion left all in the room speechless as an enthusiastic bridesmaid suggested that they would walk up and utter the phrase ka-caw! Ka-caw! Needless to say everyone laughed and another quieter code was chosen.
Enjoy your Bridesmaids and have them help you out.Bridesmaids

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