Saturday, December 31, 2011

Posh Bridal Lounge

EverafterImages is now a part of Posh Bridal LoungeHappy New Years to All!
We are looking forward to a fantastic 2012 with our new collaborative partners at the Posh Bridal Lounge. A concierge style wedding planning service for the discerning and busy brides of today. High Quality planners, florists, cakes, caterers, services of all kinds, and, of course, Everafter Images. Beautiful offices located in a central Austin location. Take a look and give us a call to "get your Posh On"!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Army, Italy - Angel Springs

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We really got a kick out of this couple from a December 2011 Angel Springs wedding. Of course we had to add this pun - how could we not? Our groom traveled from his Army post in Italy to marry his high school sweetheart - after a short honeymoon/holiday he heads back to Italy with his new bride. Our couple and their guests rocked the halls of Angel Springs Event Center in Georgetown Texas. Their exit car was the groom's grandfather's vintage Ford Model A. Tyler's Dad did have a mint Chevy Corvette near just in case the Model A didn’t start. Beautiful falls colors, along with a break from the recent rain offered this happy couple the perfect weather for an outside ceremony. With Texas weather in the 60's - our couple was able to enjoy the night air without the need of winter wear.

Click to EnlargeFun was the theme with a photo booth by “Lone Star Photo Booth” - S’mores kits on the receptions tables, a mock gangster bridal party photo session (gals) and writing the brides new last name in the air with sparklers - FUN !!Click to Enlarge

Monday, November 14, 2011

Up Lighting

We have been thinking of investing in “Up Lighting” to bring with us at select wedding events. There is just something magical about entering a large room with columns of light beaming. LED Uplighing is a relatively new trend to turn just about any room into a special gathering place for all night dancing or elegant affairs. Photographing rooms with up - lighting requires a tripod, cable release and a high ISO capable camera with superior optical lens, we used the Canon “L” glass 16mm / 35mm zoom lens for this shot. Each image was a 1/10 of a second exposure at a high aperture for best depth of field

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This photo is 11 images stitched together for an incredible 280+ degree field of view. The wedding venue “Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa” also provided a projected city scape and other lighting effects for our bride and groom.
The second photo with our bride and groom is just one small section of the room, using about ⅓ of the background on the right. (see the right side of the panoramic to see when we placed the happy couple). We positioned our couple in the light that was projecting their initials on the dance floor. We used a small zoom 28 mm / 70 mm “L” lens to help compress the background. This was also at a “long exposure aperture” with the camera mounted to a tripod and cable release.
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tradition, Texans & Boots

When Matt popped the question to wed his longtime girlfriend joining their two families, his Alma Mater at West Point was the perfect place for them to hold their long awaited joining. They have been together more than 6 years and have raised their respective sons as a family. A tradition with graduates of West Point, the Cadet Chapel and Thayer Hotel add an amazing intensity to this so special event. It's fall and in NY/CT the air is crisp and cool with hints of woodsmoke. The leaves on the trees are just starting to change. Rehearsal day and I checked into the historic Thayer Hotel on the bank of the Hudson River. Built in 1928 it has seen numerous presidents, dignitaries and proud guests too. Cadet Chapel on the West Point campus is an amazing site for a ceremony. The Chapel was built in 1910 from granite quarried right at West Point. Their wedding morning dawned bright and crisp with a promise of unseasonably warm temps (Forecast was for 83 degrees). The Texans in the group especially enjoyed the cool morning. With an 11 am ceremony time photos started bright and early while Jill got her hair done at the on site salon. Then it was up to the Eisenhower Suite for her to do her makeup and dress. Off we rushed for a stately, yet, intimate family ceremony. The walk up the aisle is 210 feet long and Jill was escorted up the aisle by her son, Grayson. We had brief minutes only to do a quick wedding party portrait on the front steps and then a quick couple of shots of Jill and Matt at the altar before our allotted Chapel time was up. With the frequency of weddings held at this location schedules are rigorously adhered to. Off went Jill, Matt and I to get a few photos of them at significant points around the campus. Trophy Point overlooking the Hudson, the green Plain in front of the Cadet Barracks and The Lusk Reservoir, too. Back at the Thayer we did family portraits before heading in to a wonderfully relaxed reception of family, dancing and lots and lots of fantastic food. Jill danced in her wedding gift from Matt of beautiful new boots. After the reception the party continued with drinks and dancing under the stars at the Thayer’s rooftop bar. It’s rumored that there was a bit of dancing on the bar…Go Grayson! What a wonderful trip and memorable wedding.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Red Mustang Wedding

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I have wanted to capture an image like this for years! Last nights wedding at Texas Old Town with just the right combination of a fun (good looking) couple, a cool car, an isolated road, and good natural light... What bonus it was right after a much needed rain to saturate the fall colors background colors.

We have a Toyota Highlander 4-Dr. To accomplish the above photo, I moved to the rear seat behind the driver (to capture the brides expression(s) and to shoot out the window). Our able 2nd shooter Sylvia was driving the car as I snapped away photos. I dropped the shutter speed down to 1/25th of a second to “motion blur” the background. We drove alongside, and slightly ahead of the mustang couple. At this low shutter speed, I knew we would sacrifice many, many photos to get “the one” that was clear enough to preserve detail in the car, bride, groom - but blur the background. Because our couple was so willing, and the road was so very isolated I moved to the back of the Highland, lifted the tail gate door up and drove with the back side open... For the second series of photos - I moved the shutter up to 1/200th of a second.Click to Enlarge

We never went over 15 mph! That’s the beauty of this type of image - it looks like we are going so much faster. With the overcast light and cloud cover we had nice tones that would be brought out with photoshop. A polarized filter was added to the lens to cut the glare of the mustangs windshield.

Congratulations Darrel and Sarah on your special day - you helped make it even more special for me too.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Morning Shadows

Long Shadows
It's fall and in CT the air is crisp and cool with hints of woodsmoke. The leaves on the trees are just starting to change. Today I had time on my own before the excitement of Matt & Jill's wedding starts. In looking for things to do I happened upon the Tarryville Mansion and Park. The trails drew me and as i walked along i caught this view of the long morning shadows. I just had to take a photo. the rich colors of the leaves, the long, long shadows, beautiful. Then it was time for my jacket....brrr, 50 degrees is downright chilly. After a brisk walk around the pond I headed into town for a latte.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Adam & Michelle: CA Meets TX (by Way of Japan)

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As longtime friends and photographers of the groom's family, we were honored to do the wedding photography for this smiling couple. We had photographed Adam’s eldest brother’s wedding in New York State about 5 years ago and his twin brothers wedding in Pflugerville/Leander Texas just a couple of years ago. A funny note is that at Adam’s twin’s wedding (Michelle was a guest), Adam commented to us as he was leaving that without a doubt we would cover his wedding….but that he didn’t know when it might happen, maybe in 10 years!. We found out while doing their engagement photos that Michelle had overhead this comment and was devastated - 10 years!. He didn’t realize she had overheard.

It was Michelle's love of Japanese culture that actually brought her together with Adam. She was a member of the Japanese Conversation Club at the University of Texas alongside Adam's identical twin brother Mark, who introduced the two. Adam worked in the Mathematics Department, so Michelle began visiting his office. They talked. Love bloomed.

So how does our story shift from Austin to Palo Alto? Adam moved to California to work for Google and then drove back to Texas to "steal Michelle away" (as he likes to put it). They moved in together and Michelle earned her master's degree from Stanford University. Three days before the graduation ceremony, Adam sneaked in a marriage proposal at her favorite Japanese restaurant, popping the question while kneeling by her as they posed for a photo. Smooth!

Have camera, will travel, so we found ourselves bound for Palo Alto. The ceremony itself was a Catholic ceremony performed by a member of the Stanford Catholic community and held in the historic Stanford Memorial Church. We loved the fact that these two self-described "nerds" chose to have their wedding reception at the Computer History Museum, and in fact, we took the wedding party through the museum for photos prior to the reception. Remember Pong? Well, we got great photos of the groom playing Pong
against his Brothers and his best friend. The reception was a cultural montage starting with mariachis serenading Adam & Michelle as they entered the ballroom. Next came fun for adults and kids with a colorful piñata filled with toys and treats. (but first, how many nerds does it take to hang a piñata in a ballroom? At least 6, it seems to get that rope over the rafters…..thanks, Ray for assisting…..once a boy scout…) After the kids were settled in it was time for the amazing 10 course Chinese feast (the caterers had set up an entire Chinese kitchen on a nearby balcony!) Wow, it was good! After heartfelt toasts and loads of dancing the wedding party passed out glowsticks to all guests for the final couple of songs and to usher the couple on their way for the night. The next morning at the hotel was rounds of farewells and hugs before the out of town guests headed to Muir Woods and San Francisco for a day of sightseeing with Adam and Michelle.

What's next for Adam and Michelle? Well, there's the honeymoon of course -- they've decided to visit Costa Rica as soon as the rainy season dies down. And after that? Michelle says it pretty well: "We want to have a life with lots of fun and laughter, possibly with two kids. We want to be active and healthy, and challenge each other to be better people every day." We are so happy for Adam and Michelle -- and we're also pretty happy with the photos we took! We look forward to their visits back to Central Texas, hopefully with little ones in tow. Check out their gallery and tell us what you think!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

He Said YES!

The Band Plays On
I stumbled upon a unique opportunity at lunch yesterday as I chowed down at the new Cedar Park Mighty Fine Hamburger restaurant. Across from me were two employees on their lunch break and I could not help but over hear in the discussion that Jessica was going to ask Josh to marry her later that night. Jessica was showing her co-worker the ring she bought to give to Josh. I asked if I might introduce myself - what fate that Jessica was sitting across from a wedding photographer. After a brief into - I found out that after 7:00 PM they would be at Zed’s of Austin for dinner and that Jessica had planned flowers to be brought to the table around dessert and she would then “pop the question”. I asked Jessica if it would be OK to document the event with photos. She was thrilled at the idea and welcomed me to her event.

I arrived about 10 minutes before Jessica and Josh. I had never been to Zed’s but could tell right away that this was a special place. Zed's is a modern, casual restaurant serving American fare with Austin-inspired preparations and ingredients. Set upon three acres that include spacious decks, a pond, a hike and bike trail and indigenous landscaping, Zed's has created an oasis in the city, just minutes from the hustle and bustle of I-35. The hot Austin summer days are just starting to cool off and a live band was just getting set up to entertain the crowd. There was a grass area for many to sit, enjoy music, food and drink - You can even bring your dog to Zed’s as long as they stay in the “grass area” slightly away from the restaurant patio. As the night advanced, I knew I would be pushing the limits of my Canon 7D’s light gathering with the lens a 70-200 mm f 2/8 IS mounted to a mono pod. Yes, Jessica and Josh sat at the darkest part of the patio - nice! As the moment drew near - I positioned myself closer to their table. With the band playing in the distance - I had wanted to “blend in” as a photographer interested in taking photos of the band - then would turn around at the appropriate moment and capture this special night.

And then it happed - yes, Josh said YES! Congratulations Jessica and Josh - EverafterImages was happy to be involved in your special night.

Jessica asks Josh for his hand in marrage

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Uncle Bob

Non Professional Photography
Beware of “Uncle Bob Syndrome”

You have invested thousands of dollars on your wedding. From the food to the music to the location to the gown, this magic moment will be, must be, perfect. All that’s left to take care of is the photography. Hey, let’s get Uncle Bob to do it! He has a camera….

If the probable outcome of that decision makes you cringe, you understand the horror of what we call Uncle Bob Syndrome. Skimp on your wedding photography and you lose the opportunity to capture that gorgeous investment in a way that would do it justice. And yet people make this mistake all the time. We have several couples each year tell us, “We should have hired you instead.” Ouch.

Uncle Bob Syndrome invites mistakes. For instance, an inexperienced photographer may not recognize when his equipment is wrong for the job. Someone who has managed to shoot decent photos for a normal daytime wedding may find himself completely over their head shooting a dark cathedral with multicolored stained glass and dark-red carpeting bouncing odd colors up into faces. You need a lens that can scoop up huge amounts of light, and the know-how to use it correctly under such circumstances. Otherwise, Uncle Bob has struck again.

Uncle Bob Syndrome can raise its ugly head (no offense, Uncle Bob) even with a professional photographer -- if you haven’t engaged the right professional photographer. Wedding photography has its own special demands and pitfalls, including crowd control. Say you hire a highly regarded scenic photographer for your outdoor wedding. Well, your scenic photographer makes his living shooting non-moving objects, flowers, birds and trees. They don't know how to corral an entire wedding party and work around musicians, caterers, flowers, dogs, cats, you name it.

Don’t let Uncle Bob spoil your wedding memories. Leave the photography to the pros!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Panoramic Photography: The Big Picture

Check out this photo. It’s got everything – the band playing, the bride and groom dancing, the family and friends looking on. It’s a complete, timeless moment – and ordinary photography would never have caught it. Well, not all of it, anyway, not all at once. An image like this calls for the magic of panoramic photography.

Panoramic photography combines multiple photos into one extra-wide composite image. For this shot we actually took multiple overlapping photos one right after another, using a single controller to trigger all the lights. We then used digital software (photoshop CS5) to stitch the images together into a realistic panorama. (Every once in a while you might get a tiny “edge” between images, but over the years we’ve learned how to make such artifacts almost invisible to all but the sharpest eye.)

Panoramic photography means you don’t have to settle for capturing one aspect of the moment at the expense of another. If this were a traditional shot, for instance, you’d have to focus on the couple dancing – a nice image to be sure, but only part of the story – and then get a shot of the band, and then get a shot of the wedding guests. And sure enough, you can break this shot into its component parts and still have three lovely images. But in real life it’s all happening at once, and in a panoramic shot you can see that.

Specialized technology and techniques such as panoramic photography give you one more great reason to go for the best, most capable professional wedding photographer for possibly can. Don’t trust this level of work to just any guy with a digital camera. If you want results like this, you know whom to call – us!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hot Times At Tx Old Town

We were delighted to capture a truly festive Kyle wedding in a setting that brings past and present together for eternal moments like this – Texas Old Town! As you can see from these shots of the reception bash, it was a party. 380 guests turned to see Teri and Nathan Dawson get hitched in a scenic outdoor ceremony. Four Images Stitched Together from a Texas Old Town Wedding, click to enlarge
The bride, groom and respective families were just as warm and genuine as their surroundings. Teri and Nathan both attended Texas A&M and they continue to live in College Station. Teri, the daughter of a retired USAF Major, has a naturally bubbly, vivacious personality that shines right through a lens -- the camera loves her almost as much as her new hubby does. As you might assume from the images above, her infectious laugh and high spirits were much in evidence on this happy day.
But we soon saw that Teri has a serious side as well. Her meticulous planning and execution of the wedding made that very clear, as did her deeply-held religious convictions. We got this fantastic sunlight-splashed photo of the bride and groom praying in the decrepit old barn months before the ceremony)

Everything went beautifully. At the ceremony, house party girls handed out fans and programs to the guests nestled among the trees. We kept things rolling smoothly by electing to do all the formal photos while guests were enjoying cocktails. The band also made an extra effort toward the occasions' success -- this excellent group had only been together for about six months, so they got there at 2pm to make sure their eclectic mix of country and rock was note-perfect for the actual event. (It was, too!)

Check out all the photos at Teri and Nathan's wedding page!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

TR3S Quiero Mi Boda

This wedding can be seen on TR3S Quiero Mi Boda 8/8/2011 - Click to enlarge


Season Three welcomes clashing cultures, new rituals, religious conversions, unconventional music, exotic foods, rare clothing and more conflicting opinions from family & friends Miami, FL July 6, 2011– Mondays continue to rule on Tr3s: MTV, Música y Más with new episodes of “Quiero Mi Boda" starting July 11th at 7pm (ET/PT)/ 6pm (CT). In its third season, the original reality series accepts an invitation to the cross-cultural union of diverse couples, from Nigeria and Mexico to Canada and the Dominic Republic, as they tackle their cultural differences before their “I do’s”.

“Quiero Mi Boda” takes an inside look at cross-cultural weddings and the hustle and
bustle surrounding them. A wedding is a special event in the life of a couple: a day where not only two people join in matrimony but also a day when two families unite. Now imagine these two families being from completely different cultural backgrounds:
different taste, traditions, religion, customs and sometimes even different languages. “Quiero Mi Boda” goes behind-the-scenes to unveil the stressful yet
harmonious union of these unique couples.

Osaze and Jessyca were happily married at Angel Springs Event Center on May 28th, 2011 with local photographers Debra and Raymond Malkiewicz of EverafterImages.Com and 2nd Generation Video Productions Jerry and Penny Malcolm documenting the wedding.
- other Austin area vendors for this wedding include:
Dagar's Catering, Bouquets of Austin, Complete Music, Michelle's Patisserie, Antique Limo, and the Bongo Party Bus

About Tr3s: MTV, Música y Más
Tr3s: MTV, Música y Más, owned and operated by Viacom International Media Networks, reaches 6.1 million Hispanic TV households (45% of US Hispanic Total TV HH) and 34 million total TV households. The network’s programming embraces the trilogy of cultures that represents Latino life – Latin American plus American equals US Latino – through original productions, key acquisitions, and content from Viacom Internationals’ portfolio of entertainment brands. Tr3s embraces the key lifestyle aspects of Latino identity -- milestones, making it and music -- as well as social responsibility through its initiative “Agentes de Cambio”, which tackles issues that
affect Latinos today. The network also taps into the growing number of Latinos that are digitally connected through

Monday, July 4, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ring Security

Ring Security - Click to enlarge
Just how fantastic is this little Ring Security team member! Debra caught this guy at last weekends wedding at Angel Springs Event Center in Georgetown.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

30 Years Ago

Kowloon 1980's Click to Enlarge
This photo is about 30 years old. It was taken about 1981 or 1982 in Kowloon Hong Kong. Today when I searched the web for the “Floating City - Kowloon” I was not surprised to find out that Kowloon - The Floating City was all but gone. What struck me about this image was the background, high rise buildings in the background, boats lashed together in the foreground. It was also a very gray day when I “took a tour” of the city on a floating taxi. I also captured this image and was drawn to the color of the clothing against the gray sky. I was told that many people in Kowloon never set foot on land, that many in the city live their entire lives on water. What an experience for a young 20 something American just starting to see the world.
Kowloon 1980's Click to Enlarge

I did find some other photos even earlier around 1954 - Posted by Phil Roeder that were photographed by his father.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Only Man Standing

©Raymond Malkiewicz / A few weeks ago I came across a 5x7 print that I had photographed back in 1983 or 1984. I remember uploading the image to our very first AOL website 15 or so years ago and didn’t think much of it at the time. Back then we were just “self publishing” photos to the web to share with family, other photographers. While I felt it was a good image - I didn’t think it would rise so much in popularity over time. September 11th changed all that. About a year after September 11th - I got an email slide show from a retired military officer friend of mine Terry Oneill. All of the photos in the slide show were respectful of the men and women that served our country, a tribute to honor, country and the first responders. I was so surprised to see a copy of my photo mixed in with the rest. I emailed Terry” hey - that’s my photo from years back, where did you get it?" The reply was to be expected... “Oh I don’t know, it was just fwd to me and I passed it along to my friends”. So now 10 years after September 11th - this photo is all over the web, there is even a facebook page about this photo. I’ve seen on the web, this photo used in positive tribute sites, and a few “anti military comments” also associated with this image. I have seen someone else take credit for the photo (but maybe they were just taking credit for the “respect” poster with the use of the photo). I had one webmaster ask me that how can I prove its my photo? She stated it was on her site for the past 5 years and others have come forward to claim the image, that the website she got it from gave her permission. Well, I scanned the print with out the text in the upper left corner, that seemed enough for her. Another person claims that the person in the wheelchair is their father and they are just out of frame, standing to the right of the photo. (might be, there is a shadow on the jacket - was someone else standing, I don’t remember). Most sites I found the photo on have updated with proper credit - thank you! About the photo: I was just out of the Navy in March 1983. I lived in Concord CA at the time and would travel into San Francisco to photograph “spot news” images, freelance for local magazines and try to get my name out into media row and the San Francisco magazine community. I was just out and about when I saw a the parade starting, I positioned myself to capture the man in the wheelchair with the Marine Color Guard coming around the corner. My thoughts would be that most people would stand for the passing of the flag, and the “veteran” in a wheelchair would remain sitting, this might be a nice image of those who served. I did not expect the opposite to happen - the man struggled to stand and most everyone else stayed on the curb. I knew I had something special but never got the photo published. I think the original photo was on Kodachrom 64 and converted to a copy neg for printing, that was my process back in the 70’s and 80’s for all slides. I made several 5x7’s and 11x14 and 16x20 and “boxed” the images along with other unpublished images from the 80’s. I’m sure I have the original slide or neg in a box someplace as I don’t throw away this kind of stuff. I can find the prints I made... but not the slide... yet. I still have dozens of slide boxes to go through. Its fun looking back, re - living memories - I found 2 great photos of my dad when he was very young that I don’t even remember taking... They are treasured items as my dad is now in the hospital and could move on any day/week now. I ran across some photos of my mother - she passed about 7 years ago ?? Nice day in SF with mom. Anyway - off with my wife of 23 years to take some bridal images of a beautiful young lady - I wonder what memories we will create today that will be shared in the near future, and then again 20 or so years from now...

Update 12/02/2011 - Today I received an email from Dave - (see below)

Hello Raymond,

Your photo of the man in the wheelchair really hit home with me. It inspired me to write this song:
The Memorial Day Parade.

I play the song and other American classics at local patriotic events and nursing homes in south Alabama.
It's all complimentary, I do it for love of country and never charge anything for these shows.

People are always asking for a copy of this song (many with tears in their eyes).
I have taken the liberty to create a half page flyer, with your photo and my lyrics, to give to those interested.
That's when the search began for the original photographer to give proper credit.
The Facebook page led me to you.

With your permission I would like to properly include your photo, with credits of course, on the attached flyer and on the web page that carries the audio version.
The credits do not stand out on this low-res pdf but they do on the hi-res version. I am a printer by trade and these will be photo quality laser printed.

Here is the audio sample page with the link to the photo:
and a link to the lyrics are here.

Incidentally, if you ever do offer a large print (8x10 or so) of this image I would frame it and hang it on my wall.

Thanks for your consideration,
Dave Galka

Well Dave, YES - I love the song! I will email you privately and see what we can do to get you a high res copy... Thanks, Ray

Friday, April 8, 2011


Click to enlarge It did not start off to be a tradition - but now each year we find a bluebonnet field and take a quick photo of Debra and post to the web. This year while we were in Magnolia Texas - another young ladie and her mom were also in the same field taking some photos. We asked if we could join the photoshoot and received an enthustinc YES - shoot away.... Below is a photo of Chrissy in the bluebonnets at 5 months-Montgomery Texas. Click to enlarge

Monday, April 4, 2011


Click to enlarge Directional light can generate some wonderful shadows. For this engagement image, Debra had our happy couple hold an umbrella so that the setting sun cast a strong shadow onto the umbrella. A little bonus "rim light" and a hint of the couple in the top left corner adds drama to the image.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Click to enlarge -Just before sunset, less red glow

Built by Austintatious Pools, click to enlarge

TwiNight is the time of day immediately following sunset

For photographers it is one of the favored times for low light photography because there is still enough ambient light floating about to gather detail / but dark enough to achieve a “glow” from various electric light sources. Another feature of twinight is the deep blue sky that often is what photographers are looking for. This deep blue sky effect might also be accomplished early morning just before sunrise. This twinight photo is from a recent shoot we did for an advertisement for Austintatious Pools for a local magazine - This fantastic pool is just outside of Austin Texas on the border of Dripping Springs. It features a hot tub, cave, waterfall, special lights and plenty of deck space. A new outside kitchen is in the process of being built. The owners Gayland and Rebecca were gracious and kind during the photo-shoot. I set up about 1 hour before sunset with tripod, 8mm fisheye, cable release and off camera flash. The final exposure was 2.5 seconds at f/5.6 @ 200 ISO. A little off camera fill flash brings out the blue in water from the dark bottom pool. We are hoping for a follow-up shoot when the outdoor kitchen is ready...or maybe a BBQ.

Update July 2011: This photo made it to a local TV Commercial for Austintatious Pools. How cool is that

Monday, February 28, 2011



Bridesmaids tend to offer unusual helpful suggestions to little wedding day dilemmas on occasion. A couple of years ago there was one incident where a bride with a strapless dress was having a hard time keeping her undergarments from showing as the bodice tended to slip down. She mentioned during her dressing this issue As her bridesmaids assisted her in dressing and one helpful bridesmaid suggested they come up with a code word for this issue. That way they would nonchalantly walk up and mention the code word and she could discreetly adjust the wayward dress. The first suggestion left all in the room speechless as an enthusiastic bridesmaid suggested that they would walk up and utter the phrase ka-caw! Ka-caw! Needless to say everyone laughed and another quieter code was chosen.
Enjoy your Bridesmaids and have them help you out.Bridesmaids

Monday, February 21, 2011

Reunion Ranch Wedding

Image from Scott Wedding

Just recently this month Dan and Kim accepted their marriage vows in front of their friends and family at the Lois Perkins Chapel on the Southwestern University campus in Georgetown, Texas. Though neither were students at the campus Kim’s father works for the University so they were able to use this beautiful, historic location. In the midst of a cold front (It had snowed just days earlier) the day dawned blue and sunny. Kim and the girls bubbled as they got ready in the adjacent building while the guys were across campus till time for the wedding. Their wedding theme was black and white with touches of crimson and was reflected throughout the ceremony and reception from the black and white filigree patterns through the bridesmaid’s dresses to the guest book and programs all the way to the sashes at the reception. Kim’s aunt had done all of the flower arrangements for both the wedding and reception and everything looked spectacular for their once-in-a-lifetime event.

Their reception was at nearby venue that provides a true Texas Hill Country atmosphere; Reunion Ranch. It is nestled in northwest Georgetown in a grove of live oaks. The facility opened in 1986 and covers 116 acres for corporate and personal events. Dinner for the evening was delicious BBQ provided by their on-site catering staff. And events were kept smoothly on track by the site wedding coordinator and DJ. The facility has an in-door rustic building which can seat up to 600 guests. A beautiful red curtained stage provided a striking backdrop for their first dance and they had a wonderful time mingling with family and friends. We were even able to sneak them outside to take a few fun photos by the stagecoach before they cut the yummy 3 tier cake.

Their honeymoon is planned for a secret tropical location which we hope to hear about after they return. Congratulations Kim and Dan!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brides Choice 2011

Wedding Wire Award Graphic
Round Rock/Austin Texas – January 25th - WeddingWire, the nation’s leading wedding technology company, is thrilled to announce EverafterImages has been selected to receive the prestigious annual WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards™ 2011 for Wedding Photography!

Recognition for the Bride’s Choice Awards™ 2011 is determined by recent reviews and extensive surveys from over 750,000 WeddingWire newlyweds. Our past clients are among those that shared their experiences on WeddingWire, the largest wedding review site in the nation.

EverafterImages stands among the top five percent of wedding professionals in the WeddingWire community, representing quality and service excellence within the wedding industry. Awards were given to the top wedding professionals across 20 service categories, from wedding venues to wedding photographers, and were based on the overall professional achievements throughout the past year.

“WeddingWire is honored to celebrate the success of the top-rated wedding professionals within the WeddingWire community,” said Timothy Chi, WeddingWire’s Chief Executive Officer. “With the annual Bride’s Choice Awards™ program, WeddingWire has the unique opportunity to recognize the best wedding professionals across the US and Canada. We applaud EverafterImages for their professionalism and dedication to enhancing the wedding planning experience last year.”

We are happy to announce that EverafterImages is among the very best wedding photographers within the WeddingWire Network, which includes leading wedding planning sites WeddingWire, Martha Stewart Weddings, Project Wedding, Wedding Aces, and Weddingbee. We would like to thank our past clients for nominating us to receive the Bride’s Choice Awards™ 2011.

For more information, please visit our EverafterImages WeddingWire Storefront today.

For more information on the Bride’s Choice Awards™ 2011, please visit