Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse, click to enlargeOne on the benefits of getting up early. Last weekend, we were in Marble Falls to photograph the Sowell wedding. Was able to capture this Lunar Eclipse @ 6:12 AM 6/26/2010. To get the detail in the moon (craters etc) use a "daylight" exposure - after all the moon is just a big rock - lit buy the sun. Often new photographers will "over expose" and end up with just a white circle... Their cameras meter for the space around the moon - This was ISO 200 on a tripod with a 400 mm lens 1/15 sec at f5.6


Brad Castro said...

That's a great shot. You were definitely up before I was that day!

Sherry said...

we didn't get to see the Eclipse here in Virginia.

But, its nice that you were able to get a GREAT picture of the Eclipde.