Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Plan B?

Click to enlargeWe were set to do engagement photos for Amanda and Eric on a day the weather forecasters preedicted 100% chance of rain. They reside in League City and were just up in the Austin area for the day so re-scheduling was not an option. When Amanda called that day we came up with a "plan B". We told her we would meet at a Gilleland park in Pflugerville Texas that has a large picnic pavillon and woould bring a portable studio including background so that we could keep them dry but still get that outdoor feel...plus, we'd be able to use our big camera lens (a 70-200 zoom) to get the greenery of the park all soft behind them even in the rain. The plan was set.

We arrived at the park a little early in case we would need to set up the studio. It was overcast and humid but no rain, thunder or lightning. We lucked out. Amanda showed up all ready to go in a beautiful multi-colored sundress and Eric was in a pale gray suit with. The overcast day was perfect for photos lending that special saturation of colors to all of the photos. The park was green and gorgeous. After the first 5 minutes our happy couple was relaxed and playing and having a fantastic time. Towards the end of our shoot Amanda even got out to play in the water of the creek and ended up completely soaked. All in all they had a great time and ended up with some unique photos

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