Sunday, December 26, 2010

100,000 Lights

EverafterImages was recently hired to photograph a few spectular homes in the Houston area for Thomas Ginn of Christmas Lights Unlimited. Thomas was looking for a photographer to capture the drama of a beautifuly decorated home. We accomplished this by shooting at "Twilight or Twinight". That is the 10 minutes just BEFORE sunrise or AFTER sunset. Thomas also needed a photographer with a flexable schedule and the willingness to travel across town as needed to get the right photo. This house in the exclusive River Oaks area of Houston has OVER 100,000 lights installed for it's 2010 Christmas display. Santa also took time out of his busy schedule while we were there to greet kids and hear last minute list items. To get the added drama we wet the walkways for the reflectionsHouston and Austin Low Light Photography - Click to enlargeOur Cypress photo as show below is just another expample of the images created for Christmas Lights Unlimited.

Houston and Austin Low Light Photography - Click to enlarge

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Deck The Lawn

BEFORE Photoshop LayersNo Layers

AFTER Photoshop Layers (4 merged exposures), notice windows, lights are different colorsWith Layers
Lawn is darker -small trees on lawn are more colorful

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pop Culture

Click to enlarge
I ran across this image from our archives as I was putting a portfolio together for the Texas House of Representatives. I remember shooting this at the Austin Museum of Art about 6 years ago. The photo almost looks like a selective color effect as accomplished in photo shop. I really the viewers contemplation of the photo with hand on chin and the pop culture represented in the BW photo of Eminem.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Missouri Wedding

We were in Columbia Missouri for a small wedding for Mike and Melissa, just wanted to post a quick photo from the wedding... More to post later when we return to our home office for proper processing.
Also, a quick photo of the St. Louis. Gateway Arch...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Step Inside

We recently have joined up with Everyscape.Com to produce some local VR (virtual reality) panoramic tours for Austin and the surrounding areas. Our first VR-Pano was the Penny Becker Bridge. We have added a few more, Angel Springs, Central Texas Harley Davidson and Razzoos in Round Rock, The Plantation House in Pflugerville and soon Cynthia's Manhattan Limousine. These are fun projects that require a Fish-eye lens and a Panoramic tripod head.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bridal Portrait Breakdown

When you see bridal portraits whether in a magazine or framed there 3 basic styles.

First is the beautiful bride in the fantasy setting. It is a stunning image of you, the bride as a small part of the overall image. Sometimes it is not easy to identify the bride. Now, you might think the fantasy portraits must be taken at some wonderful site or venue. They can just as easily be taken in front of a decrepit barn or a metal sculpture. These are still the fantasy shot whether medieval or futuristic.

Next is the traditional waist up portrait of you. This focuses on you as a beautiful bride…in your gown with your hair and makeup all beautifully done up. The setting in these is still important but mainly because it makes you feel good and that reflects in your photos.

The last style is a full length portrait of you and your dress. The focus is mainly on your dress…though you, of course, are an integral part. The beauty of your choice of gown and how it looks on you is your focus.

Deciding which type of portrait that you want is very personal choice. I think the best method is a matter of grabbing a bridal book or magazine. Flip on through quickly and mark the ones that catch your attention. Once you go finish then go back and make a tally for each type…….Which one is you? Fantasy, Portrait or “My Dress”?

During a bridal portrait session with EverafterImages – we photograph all three styles. We like to take our brides to a non-studio location. I think they are more relaxed if we don’t have the studio lights glaring and a camera right in their face. The setting can be as eclectic as in front of a mural wall or posed as a statue among statues…or as traditional as columns, a rock/brick wall or even just beautiful greenery. We pay careful consideration to positioning you to your best advantage…to diminish that which you want diminished and yet showcase you as the gorgeous bride you are.
No matter where you take them, what time of the year or the style you prefer….the key is to have fun while you are doing this. You are a sup
ermodel for a day…and it shows!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pennybacker Bridge aka: 360 Bridge

Click the link below to see 360 VR - Must use flashYea, our first 360 Panoramic is live on the web at Everyscape.Com This link -PennybackerBridge/360 Bridge should take you there - don't forget to enter the "full screen" mode - see the small box in the lower right hand corner. You can also scroll left/right up and down... Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Looking Flawless on your wedding day

A Guest Blog by Sara Logan with photos by Everafter Images:

Plan for a Flawless Face in Wedding Photos
Wedding pictures hold some of the happiest memories of a lifetime, so be sure you consider all the angles when preparing to be photographed on the big day.
In the weeks and months leading up to the wedding…
Plan your procedures ahead- it’s easy to get caught up in the craziness of tastings, fittings and appointments and forget to schedule facial treatments until the last minute. Don’t be tempted to get microdermabrasion or chemical peels within at least a month of the event, depending on the exact type of laser or peel. Laser resurfacing "heals within days and normal color returns within a few weeks- if that long" according to Dr. Edward Lack (Chicago Rhinoplasty). Even a simple facial shouldn't be considered in the last few days leading up. Call well ahead of time and discuss this with the technician.
Practice good skin health- stay hydrated and eat healthfully leading up to the event. Don’t try new skincare products, or anything that may irritate your skin. Anticipate your skin’s history, and treat it accordingly depending on changes your skin may experience in the climate or weather that’s expected at the venue.

FAustin Wedding Photography - Make Up Photoor the big day…
Start with a good base- be sure that your foundation is the right color and formulation for your skin. You may feel like you should use a heavy cream or stick foundation since you’re being photographed, but heavier formulas will look caked on and are more likely leave a line of demarcation around the neck and hairline that’s tougher to blend away. Just stick with the liquid or powder that works for you, and be sure it’s properly matched to your color. No one wants to look washed out, but it can also age you a bit if your base is too dark for you. Color correcting concealers, like green or yellow for redness, and peach or yellow for undereye circles are a much better choice than simply layering on more makeup. Remember that redness will be easily picked up in photographs so take care to balance that out, and stay away from more pink based foundations..

Avoid the shiny look- glitter will reflect too much on camera, and shouldn’t be worn to a nice event like a wedding anyway. Radiance-enhancing or shimmery foundations make faces look too slick and shiny for photos, so if you must, only keep the sheen on cheekbones and the cupid’s bow for highlighting purposes. Always finish the t-zone with powder, which is especially important to balance any highlighting applied. If you know you’re more oily, pop pressed powder in your bag so that you stay shine free.
Austin Wedding Photographer - Make Up PhotoThe eyes have it- keep in mind that darker eyeshadows and heavy liner make eyes look smaller. A matte or pearl shadow formula will be universally flattering and especially in warm, earthy tones. To keep eyes looking big and bright, highlight the inner corners and brow bone with an off-white, light pink or pale gold shadow or crayon. The older you are, the more important it is to stay fast to the no shimmer rule, as it tends to bring attention to fine lines. Black eyeliner can also look too harsh for older women (same goes for liquid liner) and fair blondes are more suited for eyeliner and mascara in the brown tones. Don’t forget to make sure brows are properly framing the face- everyone looks better and younger with defined brows. Fill the arches with powder or if using a pencil, blend with a brush. Brow color and size are important considerations here, so don’t forget to use a light hand and blend.
Austin Wedding Photographers - Make Up PhotoConsider your venue and lighting- do take the time to stop and think about if the event/ photos will be taking place indoors or out, and at what time of day. Indoor photos will be taken with flash, so it’s important to use powder to combat shine and to also be sure foundation is matched well. If outdoors, soften makeup a bit as it can easily look too heavy or harsh. Also adjust your makeup look for more formal locations, and later times in the evening. When considering these factors, you will want to use more color and definition over simply adding more makeup.
Keeping these ideas in mind, remember its always most important to look like yourself and feel comfortable on your wedding day. These techniques will help ensure you look flawless both in person and in photographs for years to come.

Content provided by Sarah Logan on behalf of ASI (skin care schools, NY). It offers specialized coursework in cosmetic laser training, as well as microdermabrasion training.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunset Kiss

Click to enlargeZach and Lori just had their wedding on a temperate Austin day ( upper 90's) on the top floor of the Austin landmark The Oasis. For those who have never been the Oasis is a restaurant/bar/live music venue whose draws include stunning landscape and statuary, margaritas and the best view of the sun setting over Lake Travis. They have over 30 different decks from which the views are fantastic. Lori and Zach's ceremony was held on the top deck of the Oasis just as the sun was nearing the horizon. There was just a sprinkling of clouds and just enough haze in the day to get some really great color in the sky. Click to enlargeThe flowers by Carie of Always and Forever were gorgeous in shades of green, red, magenta and yellow. Lori's mermaid styled dress had a froth of sheer organza for the train which to me perfectly fit her personality and hairstyle...soft curls with the colorful orchids pinned in (which perfectly matched the bridesmaids magenta knee length dresses) She just glowed with happiness and tears as she and Zach became husband and wife. Family and friends had gathered from as far as New Jersey to enjoy their nuptials. The dinner put out by the Oasis chefs was wonderful (especially the pecan encrusted snapper...yum!). After cake, drinks, dancing and some tearful and wonderful toasts they exited to their stretch limo in a hail of well wishes under an arch of sparklers. Enjoy Hawaii and we cant wait to get together when you return. Click to enlarge

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

High School Sweethearts

Click to enlargePeter and Nicole are High School sweethearts. They married 11 years after meeting on a chilly Round Rock, Texas Spring day. Peter and the groomsmen started the day at Roosters Men's Grooming Center in Austin while Nicole had her makeup done. The ladies met at Nicole's parents home for a snack and to finish hair and makeup before heading to St Williams Catholic Church, Round Rock. For those who have not been to St Williams it is a beautiful Church with soaring star covered ceilings, stained glass and elegnat architecture. To have their wedding on this day they had to work around another wedding and a mass so theirs was an evening ceremony. Family and friends gathered close and celebrated their Union. After the full Mass and wedding ceremony all ajourned to the huge church reception hall where they feasted on Rudy's BBQ.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Hunt is Over

Erin & Jordan's wedding day started out with the groomsmen shooting skeet at a friends blind. One by one the men took up rifles and shotguns to hit the flying targets.Click to enlarge At the same time the Erin was getting reception decor setup out at KC Memory Lane Event Center. Erin's Aunt arranged all of the flowers for the day and the gladiolas matched the bridesmaid dresses perfectly. With both Erin and Jordan being very active outdoor enthusiasts it was fitting that they had camo fabric under flower arrangements and even Axis deer pelts and antlers on the guestbook table and groom's cake tables. Jordan's cake proclaimed Click to enlarge"The Hunt is Over". After their lovely fountainside ceremony and family photos we wandered the grounds taking photos of just them. With 300 guests it took a while to visit each table but they made sure to see everyone before going on to cut the cakes.Room Toast, click to enlarge After a whirlwind set of toasts, and a poolside tossing of the bouquet and garter they headed off in a hail of bubbles...after unwrapping their truck and trailed by freon tanks. Happy Trails Jordan & Erin!
Click to enlarge

Saturday, July 10, 2010


We did this just for fun -
May take awhile to load

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Love You

Love You Photo, click to enlargeAt each wedding we photograph we try to incorporate something fun and creative. While doing pre-ceremony formal photos this past weekend one of the bridesmaids at Al & Danielle's wedding came up with the idea to spell out the word LOVE with the position of their bodies as a fun shot. The ladies bent and twisted contorting their bodies to spell out the word LOVE trying not to laugh or fall. When it was time for the guys turn I got the idea to try and do the same thing with the guys spelling the word you. Danielle and the girls didnt know about this portion so I think they'll be pleasantly surprised. I wanted set the two photos side-by-side to spell out the phrase LOVE YOU. I think it came out pretty good.
So, whether like this we use the wedding party or whether we use details and items from the decor. Each wedding is a unique reflection of the bride and groom and our photos highlight that special something.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse, click to enlargeOne on the benefits of getting up early. Last weekend, we were in Marble Falls to photograph the Sowell wedding. Was able to capture this Lunar Eclipse @ 6:12 AM 6/26/2010. To get the detail in the moon (craters etc) use a "daylight" exposure - after all the moon is just a big rock - lit buy the sun. Often new photographers will "over expose" and end up with just a white circle... Their cameras meter for the space around the moon - This was ISO 200 on a tripod with a 400 mm lens 1/15 sec at f5.6

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vote Photo Contest

Vote for this photoWell, we are trying to win a wonderful Canvas Print from Canvas Press. Our photo entry is the 1935 Plymouth photographed at the Phillips wedding a few months back.

Please vote here for our photo and enjoy the work of the other photographers.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Click to enlargeI really like being able to see the world through the eyes of a photographer. Simple things like a butterfly fluttering about as I was in the process of unloading the car from a bridal session. I grabbed my 400mm lens and watched for about 5 minutes. Burned off about 40 images and didn't think much of them, actually deleted them all - except this one. Yes, this is one I want to keep - the very last image caught my eye. The colors and contrast, the texture in the wings the lights to dark greens against the pale ivory of the plant... I couldn't even tell you what kind of butterfly or plant this is (Debra could). But, it made me stop and take notice.

Well, anyway - I like this shot and thought I would share it with y'all.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


View from below the alterWe've used a remote camera in the past to photograph unique angles of a wedding; typically we hoist our camera with a remote trigger and ultra wide angle lens on a very long pole about 15 - 20 feet in the air. This time we placed the camera low and hid the camera below the altar. From this angle we were able to photograph our bride/groom Austin and Candice just at the peak moment as they were exchanging their rings. What I really like about this photograph is the framing by the deacon on the right and the priest on the left, their white robes almost look like columns framing the bride and groom and isolating them from the rest of the room. In the second photo you can see where we hid the camera just below the altar.Location of hidden camera

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Plan B?

Click to enlargeWe were set to do engagement photos for Amanda and Eric on a day the weather forecasters preedicted 100% chance of rain. They reside in League City and were just up in the Austin area for the day so re-scheduling was not an option. When Amanda called that day we came up with a "plan B". We told her we would meet at a Gilleland park in Pflugerville Texas that has a large picnic pavillon and woould bring a portable studio including background so that we could keep them dry but still get that outdoor, we'd be able to use our big camera lens (a 70-200 zoom) to get the greenery of the park all soft behind them even in the rain. The plan was set.

We arrived at the park a little early in case we would need to set up the studio. It was overcast and humid but no rain, thunder or lightning. We lucked out. Amanda showed up all ready to go in a beautiful multi-colored sundress and Eric was in a pale gray suit with. The overcast day was perfect for photos lending that special saturation of colors to all of the photos. The park was green and gorgeous. After the first 5 minutes our happy couple was relaxed and playing and having a fantastic time. Towards the end of our shoot Amanda even got out to play in the water of the creek and ended up completely soaked. All in all they had a great time and ended up with some unique photos

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Country Couple

Bubba and Lakyne are a deep down country couple. They were both from Thorndale and loved the close knit town and easy going feel. This love of country style was found for their engagement portrait session out at Ten Roc Ranch in Salado where we had loads of fun with them on rock walls, in cactus fields and even in a paddock with a cow and calf. For Lakyne's bridal portraits she wanted the same feel but a different location so out we went to the beautiful Star Hill Ranch. The contrast of the rough wood walls and her satin dress were wonderful. The day of the wedding was a lovely central Texas Spring day and we scoped out bluebonnet fields on our way to St Paul's Lutheran Church in Thorndale. Thorndale boasts a population of 1278 and about a third of the town was at the Fireman's Hall for their fun reception which included the Grand March led by the family of another of our wedding couples (thinking of you Jeff and Anna) This dance is more a procession of everyone who attends the wedding. It flows into patterns like the tunnel of love and and arm in arm, side by side line. It is wonderful fun for all to participate and culminates in the guests lining the dance floor while the bride and groom share their first dance while the guests "rush" them in groups. Desserts included not only the traditional wedding and groom's cakes but also cakes and pies and more provided by family members. After a tequila toast by the groom, groomsmen and fathers and lots of dancing and fun they staged an early sparkler exit where they ended up running between the door and the car three times to give all the guests time to light and wave their sparklers. Back they went in to dance some more and welcome the new day as husband and wife.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Texas Tradition

Girls in BluebonnetsWell, it's that time of year again. Here in the Austin, Texas area it is what's known as Bluebonnet season. The sight of these spire type blooms mark the start of the Texas wildflower season. Winter 2009 was perfect for Bluebonnets with rain and some freezes to crack their outer shells and they are blooming everywhere. On the side of roads, by mailboxes, near fences, and even in cow pastures. For those who don't know the Bluebonnet is the Texas state flower. It is a member of the Lupin family. Other states have Lupins but not usually in this color or quantity. The bluebonnet is deep blue almost purple spire with a white tip and sweetly scented. It is a Texas tradition to take photos in the Bluebonnets no matter your age. So if you are driving along and see people milling about on the side of a freeway or crouching down on a hillside they are probably out taking photos. Pull on over and get out your point and shoot camera, your cell phone or call us and we'll take care of it for you. Just enjoy them while they are out.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Victorian Elegance Wedding

Click to enlarge
Jim and Kristie's wedding theme was one of Victorian elegance. In keeping with that theme we took their engagement photos on the Historic Bremond block in Austin, TX utilizing the architecture and details. The day of their wedding dawned an absolutely beautiful Texas Spring day. The famous Austin restaurant Green Pastures was the setting. This majestic Victorian estate is the epitome of Southern hospitality with antiques and world class food. Kristie had gotten very creative with Black, white and pink details. There were pink programs with black ribbon, pink flip-flops and white feather boas for those who wanted for dancing, small antique cars holding thank yous and a table of their favorite candy as favors. Jim and the Groomsmen even wore black and white formal shoes with their tuxedos. The ceremony was held inside with a backdrop of dramatic windows and flowers as they pledged to each other. We took the family photos outside while guests mingled and Peacocks strolled under the grand live oaks. The estate trees were filled with twinkle lights giving it a magical air as they exited to bubbles and then were driven off in the boot of dark blue 1935 Plymouth coupe. What a fun night.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lake Austin Osprey

An Osprey with its preyAn 80+ degree Spring day in Austin Texas was a perfect day to get away and take the boat out. As we arrived at the boat launch at the 360 Bridge it turned out that we weren't the only ones with this idea.... The parking lot was packed! We had brought our camera along with the 100-400mm lens hoping to get a few photos.

As we tooled up this lake casually looking for wildlife and enjoying the sunshine we saw numerous turtles sunning on rocks and exposed tree limbs and roots. A few Turkey Vultures and a Blue Heron were passed by. We kept on past Emma Long Park and caught a glimpse of white in a tree. A beautiful bird that we had not seen before. It was an Osprey. I idled the boat to drift by as Ray brought the camera up. Sherry noted that he was holding his lunch in huge talons.
He was calm yet watched us closely and as we turned for another look he left his perch with his partially eaten fish and flew a bit up river to another tree. We carefully followed him and watched him eat a bit of his fish. A boat sped by and he took off to eat his fish in peace.
I searched for Texas Birds of Prey after we returned home and identified him. I like to know what we take photos of if possible. A little about the Osprey. The Osprey's diet consists almost exclusively of fish. The Osprey and Owls are the only raptors whose outer toe is reversible, allowing them to grasp their prey with two toes in front and two behind. This is particularly helpful when they grab slippery fish. The Osprey is a subspecies of Falcon.

By 2pm we were back ashore and headed home...a fun day on the lake. Our first for this year but definitely not our last.
Turtles under the 360 Bridge

Monday, March 8, 2010

Disco Dancing...

There's a party going on right here, A celebration that'll last throughout the years
So bring you good times, and your laughter too...
We gonna celebrate your party with you
Come on now, Celebration - Let's all celebrate and have a good time,

Celebration - We're gonna celebrate and have a good time Girl Scouts dancing to Disco Music with their dads

And they did...
For the second year in a row we photographed the local
Girl Scouts Father Daughter dance. This year's theme was Saturday Night Fever.
It was a fantastic last night! Here's a little info on it... Saturday Night Fever hit at the Old Town Elementary School in Round Rock Texas the other night as 300 girls of all ages danced the night away with their Dads. The event was the annual
Ladybird Service Unit Girl Scout Daddy Daughter Dance. Donning silver sequined hats, disco ball necklaces and fingerlights, the girls line-danced, boogied and danced the train for two hours.
Between groovin' under the disco ball, shaking with their dad in the black light room, some great refreshments and getting their photos taken a wonderful time was had by all.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cat Training

Jasper Doing Cat BusinessFor those who think cats cannot learn anything they are wrong. Here's our story. I have always had indoor/outdoor cats since I was a little girl. They come in to eat and sleep and play and do cat business outside. Right now we have Jasper, a typically finicky and stubborn siamese mix. We also have been adopted by a stray we call Flick who is mainly an outside cat. Very skittish. During the winter I tended to keep a litter box inside...just in case. And, it did get used periodically. My husband does not like cat boxes. One late night watching TV rather than a "Girls gone wild" comercial we saw one of those "as seen on TV" items we just had to check out online. It was a bit pricier than some others out there but with us having a big cat and reviews saying it was sturdier we decided to try it out. We were pleased to see that Petco carried it. It is called the Litter Kwitter. It promised to:
1. Train your cat to use a human toilet in 8 weeks or less
2. No more mess, no more germs, no more smells, no more hassle
3. The training is easy for cat owners to understand and use
4. Comes with a standard white seat that fits most standard toilet seats
With Jasper not being an indoor cat it took a little longer than they said but we are well on our way. Our steps went as follows: I placed the toilet shaped frame on the ground with the red insert and put a small amount of litter in the center. He checked it out and ignored it for a few days but one late night he used it. I scooped it. With his periodic use we went through this routine for all of November. Mid-December we moved to step 2. This meant moving the unit to the toilet. The entire toilet seat has to be up so it sits on the base. It seemed pretty secure. The first time he got up he was so big he hit the toilet seat. Bang! It fell and hit him and he flew out of the room. I thought for sure the Litter Kwitter experiment was over. But I didnt give up. Into the garage I went to see what I could find. I grabbed that miracle device known as the bungee cord. With it I strapped the seat and lid to the tank. (Good thing we have another bathroom for human use) Well, for a few days he ignored it but then up he went and he went literally. He seemed to like this arrangement. After 3 weeks of near daily use it was time for step 3. I wasn't sure how well we'd do with this phase because it involved changing the center solid insert to one with a center hole. There is a ridge about an inch from the hole to hold a small amount of litter around the hole. A couple of days later at the sound of scratching on litter I go in to find that he's used the potty and not the litter! I flush and no cleaning of litter needed. Amazing! It is now March 4th and I have had to clean the litter part only twice. Ray laughs and says "It's a funny world when people are servants to animals and our cat has his own bathroom". Of course, now it's time for the next step. The next insert has an even larger hole. After a couple of weeks of that then we go to the "no insert" phase. I'll have to post again when we are done with training but I have no doubt now that we will finish the training and Jasper will be using the, If I can only find a way to teach hm to flush!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Houston Wedding

Tasha and Amish met at the University of Texas at Austin. He proposed to her during a tour of the UT Tower. They are a good looking and romantic couple. For those who have never been to one, Indian wedding tends to be a 3-4 day event filled time. Such was the case for Tasha and Amish. Their 4 days had multiple events on each day.

Day one began with afternoon family religious ceremonies at both families homes. The bride's mehndi was applied in a most intricate design on her hands (both sides), forearms and feet. Once the paste is applied Tasha had to sit with arms and legs elevated to dry. Her friends and family then entertained the crowd with tasty treats and dancing.

Day Two started early again with Tasha and Amish at each of their parents homes for morning ceremonies of the presentation of gifts by family members of food, cloth, jewelry and the wedding clothes.... not just for the bride and groom but for their entire immediate families. At the Bride's house it was the Bride's Mother's family who provided their clothing. The next ceremony was the ceremonial singing by her family and the cleansing of the bride with herbs and oil anointed on her feet, hands, shoulders and head. For Amish, the herbs and oil were mixed into a paste and spread over his face, arms and legs. At the Bride's home speeches were made to honor all of her attending family members along with small gifts presented by her Mother and Father. That evening at the Hindu Temple in Katy Texas was the Sangeeth which comprised skits, singing and dancing entertainment provided by the friends and family members of the bride and groom. It was amazing the amount of talent and fun had by all as they re-enacted the story of Tasha and Amish. Later came more wonderful food and dancing by all present in the garba traditional dances. The colors of the gowns and outfits of all were just stunning and the fun had by all as they whirled around the dance floor made us want to dance too.

Day Three arrived as a beautiful Houston morning. We started over at the Groom's parents home as they readied for the actual wedding ceremony. Amish's regal wedding outfit was covered in beadwork and metallic stitching from top to bottom. After a few pre-ceremony formals we all headed to the Chateau Polonez in Spring, Texas. Tasha was getting ready upstairs with her Mother and Aunt assisting her into the ornate and heavy wedding Sari of red with lots of gold beadwork and embroidery.

Tasha looked gorgeous and her blue eyes completed a regal apperance. Her bridesmaids wore matching brown saris and carried bouquets of ivory roses. When it was time for the ceremony the family (except for Tasha, her girls and her Uncle) gathered on the entry of the Chateau to greet Amish and his family as they danced and sang while he rode up in a white carriage drawn by two white horses.

With her parents and his sponsors up on the altar the traditional exchanges of water, rice, spices passed between them and Tasha and Amish. With the exchange of rings Amish and Tasha became man and wife.

Before formal photos each guest family came up to congratulate the bride and groom personally. The food choice of the evening was Italian and there were wonderful desserts and a coffee bar to enjoy. The culmination of the evening was the exit with the traditional exercise of the groom having to negotiate a payment for the return of his shoes so they could leave.

Day Four was a full evening event at the Westin Galleria Houston. The ballroom was draped with embroidered fabric and color lights were everywhere. There was a wonderful Candy Bar in many shades of green and white. Once the formal photos were done the reception started the guests filled the room and then Tasha's very talented Brother Krish Sang a welcome song. The family and wedding party members were announced in and all came in dancing. When Tasha and Amish were announced in they swept in with huge smiles. They had ceremonial ringside seats to watch the entertainment as the wedding party and family friends sang and danced....even Amish joined the dancing. Next came time for the heartfelt toasts by wedding party members and both fathers. After a wonderful Indian meal the dancing started... first the formal dances and then the party started. Dancing by nearly everyone to a variety of Indian and rock music. All projected live on two projection screens.

The last song appropriately was the the Eyes of Texas, the University of Texas School song. With hands in the air displaying the "hook'em Horns" the Bride and Groom led this song from the stage overseeing the crowd of Texas alumni. What a wonderful, colorful and family participated celebration this was and tired though we were after four days we were happy and pleased to have been a part of it.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Captured Moment

Click to enlarge

Special wedding moments often happen in a split second. For the bride this could be a glance at Dad just before she walks to her groom. For the groom, the anticipation his brides entrance. As photographers that have photographed hundreds of weddings - knowing "when" a moment might happen and being ready to capture the event is a skill that only experience can teach. This photo shows the fiddling, twitching of a new wedding band on the brides finger is just such an anticipated and captured moment. We use our cameras motor drive to capture a sequence of events that happen in a split second to communicate a lasting memory that is often missed by many.