Saturday, May 30, 2009

Military Wedding

Arch of Sabers

Tears with Dad
Getting The Garter

Sparkler Exit

Last November we photographed Kristin's brother Jerry's wedding to Alexis and were thrilled to be selected for Kristin & Cesar's rousing military wedding out at Angel Springs in Georgetown, Texas. Army, to be exact. Cesar and his groomsmen wore dress uniforms and he and Kristin exited the bi-lingual (English/Spanish) wedding ceremony by walking through the "arch of Sabers". That passage is meant to ensure the couple's safe transition into their new life together. The arch of swords is formed by an honor guard made up of members of the military who would normally wear a sword or saber when in dress uniform. Kristin's lovely v-neck white dress sported a cathedral train nearly 7 feet long with lace inlays. The catering by Dagar's was outstanding as usual and the mother of the bride helped Kristin to eat so that she would not get anything on her dress. Kristin was teary eyed dancing with her Dad after she and Cesar performed their 1st dance as Man and wife. Cesar and Kristin used a sword to cut their wedding cake which had a design of cherry blossom branches. Interestingly enough, both Cesar & Kristin have the same nickname; Monkey that was reflected in their fun groom's cake which depicted a bride & groom monkeys playing poker. Lots of beer flowed and the dance floor was full to the point that the reception ran over by a half hour as they were having so much fun. But sparklers were the order of the end of the day to see Cesar and Kristin off on their way to their new life together. Congratulations you two.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reunion Ranch Wedding

Whitney and Jeremy have known each other over 7 years prior to tying the proverbial knot out at Reunion Ranch in Georgetown. We have known them almost as long as Everafter Images photographed Whitney's high school senior photos back in 2004 and Jeremy was her boyfriend at the time. They were a little disappointed at having to change their wedding day plans at the last minute due to rain but had a lovely candlelit ceremony inside. Whitney looked stunning in her strapless white, wrap waisted dress with its silvered lace overlay. Her Dad kept saying "you just dont look like my Daughter tonight" and "Baby, you look fantastic". They had decided on a non-standard color theme of moss green and silver which was very nice with Jeremy and all of the men in silver tuxes with green vests and ties and the ladies in tea length green dresses. Whitney & Jeremy's monogram was in lights on the stage curtains and on the top layer of their pale green, silver leaf covered wedding cake. The groom's cake was a rectangular sheet cake decorated as a racetrack with a 12 inch long plastic nascar on top. And one of the gifts they received was a portable car I sense a theme here :) They even had dance instructions for the guests while we took formal family photos after the ceremony. And boy, did that get them all out on the dance floor for some fun dancing....even the smallest guests were out there shaking their booties and having a great time. A sparkler exit out to their truck and off they went to a Honeymoon in Mexico.... enjoy the sun and sand, we wish this new family the best and look forward to new additions to photograph.
First walk husband and wife / cake

Video captures the moment

Sparkler Exit

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tango for Two

Vintage Villas in Austin Texas was the venue of choice for Paul and Michelle's carefully orchestrated wedding. They are an eclectic and exacting couple who are well traveled and enjoy new experiences and yet know exactly what they want. Their engagement portraits had been an urban session ranging from areas by the Shoreline Grill, through downtown Austin and near Lady Bird Lake. For an entirely different feel we went for a fashion style Bridal portrait session out at the Rough Hollow Yacht Club. Michelle's stunning drop waisted, strapless, crystal studded princess style gown was perfectly contrasted with the stone and wrought iron fixtures of this venue. Both Michelle and Paul had male and female wedding party attendants. This made for some unique wedding party photo opportunities. The groom, groomspeople and bridesman wore white while the bridesmaids were in red for stunning visuals against the blue Texas sky. At the end of the ceremony Michelle & Paul released doves as a symbolic announcement of their love, hope, faith and fidelity. Their first dance was an amazing tango complete with special clothes. All in all a spectacular night for all. Congratulations Michelle & Paul.

Brides Parents
Dove Release
Sunset Kiss - photo by Steven Martin for EverafterImages

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Anita & Sujit- Happily Wed

Anita and Sujit Lifted above their guestsEvents started for Anita & Sujit's Austin Texas wedding the day before the main ceremony when members of Anita's family presented him with traditional Indian wedding attire and some other presents of clothes, gold, and silver for all of his family members. For Anita, it was the traditional Ladies Menhdi tea party where female family and friends gathered to present her with wedding attire, pray over her and then have mehndi applied. Mehndi is the art of applying intricate henna temporary tattoos to the hands, forearms and feet of the bride. In some cultures it is traditional to include the groom's name in the henna design.... the thought being that if he can find his name he is truly meant to marry this bride. Sujit's name was indeed on Anita's inside wrist. That evening was a celebration called Sangeet. This is where the friends and families of the engaged couple get together for introductions, music, dancing and food. The next morning as the sun rose Sujit mounted a white horse and with many, many family and friends sang and danced in a procession to meet his future in-laws. The joy on his face was tremendous as he called out "It's time for my wedding" and went up the stairs at the Austin Hindu Temple with both sides of the family to await his bride. There were traditional ceremonies and rituals performed from both sides of this North Indian/South Indian wedding. Anita and Sujit changed into traditional North Indian wedding attire for the formal pictures while the guests enjoyed a wedding lunch. Later that evening the festivities started again with more family photos at the Downtown Austin Hilton while the guests enjoyed a cocktail hour with a Mexican Martini Ice flume and delicious Indian appetizers. I never get over the fantastic colors and fabrics in Indian Weddings and not just in the wedding party. The ballroom lights, linens and flowers were in jewel tones amber, peridot, aubergine and of course..... burnt orange. (Anita is after all, a UT Grad) But even the guests were arrayed men and women in a rainbow of colors and textures. The colorful lights swirled around the room as good food was consumed, toasts were given and some fun skits were performed by friends of the happy couple. The next day, a wedding send off prayer ceremony and lunch was hosted by Anita's family including many traditional North Indian meal (Bengali style) prepared by her Mother, Aunts and Cousins... yum! Shortly after, Sujit and Anita packed up their belongings for their return to Boston. I hope that they will give us a call the next time they are in town visiting Anita's parents. I know we'd love to see them again. For more images from this wedding, please go to

Monday, May 18, 2009

Austin Bride Magazine

EverafterImages Cover Image on Austin Bridal MagazineAll right! We made the cover of Austin Bride Magazine and have a "Real Texas Wedding" story about our Wake Surfing Groom on Page 80. To see the digital version click the above link.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A New Perspective

Kim is a new member of the EverafterImages team and will be a contributing BLOG author/photographer offering thoughts from the eyes of an enthusiast.

My name is Kim and last weekend, I had the exciting privilege of assisting Everafter Images for the first time at the wedding of Maegan and Michael at the Barton Creek Spa and Resort. I have assisted at a few events in the past, but not a wedding and I didn’t really know what to expect. It was really a great time and I learned a great deal from both a professional and personal perspective. First from a professional perspective, it was really exciting to see them in action. They really do work together like a well-oiled machine. On the ride to Barton Creek, we talked about the venue, ceremony, reception, portrait expectations and equipment set-up. When we arrived, we sprung into action. I was brought up to speed pretty quickly and helped set-up photographic equipment for the ceremony. I was taught how to set-up their “camera on a stick”- which is very cool and takes some incredible shots. A little later I joined in while taking all the getting-ready shots and getting to know the bridal party, mom and other important women of the day (which I never would have thought would be so important, but it is). After the ceremony was set-up, we headed to the Governor’s Ballroom to study the reception set-up. we analyzed the room and quickly decided on the lighting strategy (which, prospective Brides, trust me, Ray knows what he doing with the lights).In the ready room After that, it was time for pre-ceremony photos of the guys. The ceremony was perfect and the location that Ray and Debra picked for the formal shots had an incredible view and made for some amazing images. Emotions
I never realized that some of that time before the ceremony just looking and strategizing would matter so much. The reception was a joyful family affair in which Team Everafter worked with room getting all the right shots at all the right times and then some. The best part of the entire day for me was the fact that they actually let me take some pictures! I was so nervous when I was handed the 16-35MM lens in the bride’s room and told to go for it. After all, this family is paying for these services and what if I mess up? I quickly got absorbed in trying to capture the moment- I took way TOO many pictures which was evidenced by the fact the my battery died before Maegan even made it down the aisle! It really felt good being behind that camera- I hope that I get to do it again. From a personal level, I really couldn’t believe how wrapped up I got in the wedding. It really made me remember my wedding day and all the excitement and newness that I felt with my now husband. During the event, Ray turned to me said, “no matter how many times I do this; I still get so excited for the couple”. That is why they make great wedding photographers. Plus, they work exceptionally hard to make that one wedding feel like the only wedding they have done all year.

With this ring I thee wed

Please watch for more articles by Kim

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Shooting for color is fun. There are just so many opportunities to find images that speak bold color that one could write a book on just that subject. These two examples are from the same wedding out at Star Hill Ranch in Austin Texas. By themselves the images are “nice” but as part of a layout in a wedding album – they can be used as back ground pages, or opposite each other for a full 2-page spread. The bridesmaids dress, royal blue against a darkened background really sets off the pink/fuchsia tones of the flowers. The black negative space could easily support additional photos or text and can lead the eye into the next page. The groomsman image with sapphire blue flower in shirt pocket complements the bridesmaids dress. The white shirt also supports negative space and could have photos arranged to the left of the shirt pocket. Together these two images speak of color and work well together in a layout; the colors are interesting and have potential for selective emphasis. As wedding photojournalists – we look for images that can stand on their own, but may also support additional imagery that tells the story of the day’s events, your wedding.
Left Color Sample

Right Color Sample
Sample Layout