Thursday, October 29, 2009

Golden Light

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Photoshop screen shot
This wedding panoramic from John & Jamie's wedding at the Umlauf Sculpture garden in Austin Texas had just the right light. Low in the sky just before sunset - filtered through soft clouds and adding a a warmth and a highlight on the left side of the trellis. The golden light cast just the warmest tone to the trees in the background, wonderful. The panoramic image is 4 photos stitched together with Photoshop CS4. Shooting the images with an "overlap" is the key to successful photoshop stitching automation.

For this Bridal Image, we used our "studio" lights to add fill light to the bride AND an additional fill light for the waterfall far off in the background, to the right. Without the high power studio fill - the waterfall would have been "darker" in the shadows and Jamie's features would be dark as she was backlit by the sun.... The warm evening sun "Kissed" Jamie's red hair which matched her bouquet perfectly. The back, direct light also gave a slimming effect to the photo on the left (not that our bride needed it) by washing out the details of where the line of her back was. For the photo on the right we stood on a ladder, we shot for a higher angle to juxtopose the waterfall just over the her shoulder. Awsome light! Bridal Images at Umlauf Sculpture Garden of Austin

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