Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Patriotic Wedding

What better colors for a July 3rd military wedding than Red, White & Blue? That's what Kevin and Josephine chose and it reflected throughout Redbud Hall at Texas Old Town in Kyle, Texas. Flags and stars abound over tables with patriotic beaded necklaces, flag heart pins and candy as favors. Stars even hung from the ceiling making an aisle for the ceremony (and tangling up Kevin and Jo on their first dance) Good thing they planned for an early morning indoor ceremony on this over 100 degree Texas day. We had not met Kevin and Josephine prior to the wedding day except through a web conference to talk details. A friend in photo school was originally to take the photos but was overwhelmed by the pressure and not wanting to potentially disappoint and ruin a freindship they opted for professional photography. Having that date surprisingly still available we were happy to help out. Jo's family was much involved in the preparations as her Uncle, a Chef from MIT, made the wonderfully tasty wedding cake and they were married by her Aunt, an ordained hospital chaplain from California. I was amazed to find that the bride and bridesmaids had put together the red rose bouquets the night before the ceremony. They were just beautiful. We took wedding party photos outside to utilize the lovely streams and bridges on the property. With the heat the family stayed inside and enjoyed the ambiance. The food was wonderful as Dagar's had provided a BBQ feast for the family and guests. Dancing was spirited and fun and then Kevin and Jo exited to their guests waving small American flags to send them on their way.


Anonymous said...

And now almost 2 years later we have a baby boy, Burnett Michael whom we affectionately call Bear. Y'all did an outstanding, amazing job! A friend of mine googled military wedding and was so excited to see ours pop up. I told her that you guys are the place to contact for amazing photos and very family style love. Thank you both again!


EverafterImages.Com said...

Thanks Josephine for your kind words. Your comment came at just the right time, tonight we were at a Texas Old Town open house and had YOUR wedding and 3 others in a running 200 image slide show! We look forward to working with you again and would be happy to travel.
Raymond and Debra