Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Harley Time!

Harley Rider with American Flag

Here we are on the road from Virginia to New York, literally; right now heading to West Point to photograph Jodi's bridal portraits.... dont you love mobile computing.... and no, I'm not driving as I blog but riding. Anyway, yesterday we happened across Ryan G. Ryan is a computer forensics specialist.... what a cool title. He is into Harley Davidson motorcycles and has had his current bike for about 6 months. He and his fiance Chelsea just returned from a long ride from Toledo Ohio, he on the bike and she in the support car with luggage and Miles, their year old black & white Malti-Poo. Well the bike is a color called "Black Ice"; a stunning metallic blue-violet and just gleams in the light. With his permission we decided to have some fun with him and his bike. We started with photos of his reflection in the different areas of the bike... gas tank, mirrorrs, gas cap, etc. Of course we had to get a few with Chelsea and Miles. Then we progressed to the photo displayed above. Using a wide angle lens and a slightly off angle and waving a flag in the foreground gave us this strong, majestic photo. Haha, we even pressed our friends Terry & Sherry into service holding camera flashes and flags and more. So here he is in his own Harley commercial. We hope to see more of them when it's time for their wedding.


Anonymous said...

Very Nice Picture! Like Ryan's look. Nice Harley as well.

Sherry O.
Fairfax, Va !

Joy said...

What a great picture of our Son Ryan and his Harley! Thanks for sharing that photo with us! Sincerely, Patrick & Joy Gladieux

Joy said...

Thanks for sharing that great Photo of our Son Ryan!

Partick & Joy Gladieux

Tiffany said...

Look at my little brother! So awesome!

Toledo, Ohio

Sherry said...

Needs to be a Harley Commercial Model. He looks Great on "The Harley".. Great Picture Ray, as usually you do a 'WONDERFUL JOB'

Sherry O'Neill
Fairfax, Virginia