Monday, August 17, 2009

Moving Panoramic

Three Images stitched together -- click for larger view

Often at wedding Debra and I shoot 3 to 5 images and stitch them together with Photoshop or Canon's PhotoStitch - but this one was a bit different as the subject was moving. We have been to many weddings where during the reception college alumni band together around their college "fight song" - This photo is from Texas A&M University - "Aggie War Hymn" - What made this photo unique was that everyone was moving and swaying, left, right, left, right. I have seen this at other Texas A&M weddings and while I could have stood back and shot the entire scene with wide angle lens - then cropped for a strong horizontal effect, I wanted to try for a larger, more detailed file size. This image is 3x the size of a single photograph. I timed each photo as a 3 part panoramic on the right sway, each time the crowd would sway to the right, I would snap the left, center, then right. The final image was stitched together with Photoshop CS4 - then tinted to sepia to reduce the many distracting colors from uneven lighting in the room. Click on the single Panoramic above for a larger 1104px X 400px view. Enjoy!

Left Panoramic Image
Center Panormaic Image

Right Panoramic Image