Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Underwater Anniversary

Barton Springs PanoramicToday was the 21st anniversary of the day I married my best friend. I love Ray. We have had a number of adventurous anniversaries (the backpacking weekend hike where raccoons got in the tent, the weekend in Mazatlan, scuba diving off the California coast, tubing down the Comal River, etc) This anniversary we spent in a more low key manner. A relaxing day at Barton Springs Pool in Austin Texas. Black BassFor those who are unfamilar; in the heart of Austin's Zilker Park is a 3 acre pool fed from an under ground springs which averages 68 degrees year round. (believe me when it is over 100 degrees outside this feels great!) It has a natural rocky bottom with water plants and native Texas fish. Red Brested SunFishWe had gotten an underwater camera housing for our little point-n-shoot camera at Christmas. (Hey, there was no way I was getting one for the "real" cameras) Well, we had some limited success previously capturing fish photos but it turns out the camera has an underwater white balance setting so we were hopeful that we'd get some decent images today. (Underwater white balance setting means that the camera trys to compensate for the color of the ambient light underwater) Well, Ray rigged up a stability pole for use with the camera's video setting using a small light Underwater Camera Rigstand and a brick. We arrived about 10am at the pool and put on our wetsuits....haha, actually, we had accidentally switched wetsuits....so when I put his on I had to laugh as the collar was up to my eyes and it was sagging below. After getting suited up correctly, we entered the pool with camera and snorkels. The fish were so very curious of the stability pole and we had so much fun "fish wrangling" them towards the camera. According to other websites Barton Springs is home to 2 varieties of Bass and 3 varieties of Sunfish as well as turtles, catfish and tetras. Well, I didnt see any catfish or turtles but we did see plenty of sunfish and bass. They were so colorful and not too skittish unless we swam within a foot of them. After about 2 hours swimming in the pool (and having the camera batteries die) we decided it was time for some coffee and so headed to Starbucks (yes, boo, hiss, but so consistent) We checked out our photos and videos while sipping coffee and holding hands. Though we had planned dinner out we ended up having a nice candlelit dinner at home on our wedding china. :) Maybe, we'll go out for dessert....I know for sure we'll be back at Barton Springs...tomorrow morning.

Just added underwater VIDEO FOOTAGE on YouTube - just for fun - nothing to serious


Brad Castro said...

Terrific photos - and congrats on the anniversary.

Grace said...

Cool pictures! Barton Springs is way to cold for me, but Trung and Lydia love it! Happy belated anniversary!

Harry said...

Great pictures and video! Can't wait to visit Barton Springs again!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Anniversary..
Wish Terry and I could of been there to celebrate with you and Debra.

How we miss being home with our friends and most of all You and Ray. Can't wait till you come up for the West Point Photoshoot.

Great picture's of the fish in Barton Creek.
Always a Great Job.
Sherry and Terry