Saturday, July 11, 2009

Twice Married

Cell Phone Announcment and Making Potato Salad

Lighting Candles
Family Pledge of Support

Grooms Cake

Sun Light Church / Bridal Image

Shaun and Enhelika were married again on their first anniversary. Their 2008 wedding was at the Justice of the Peace in Round Rock, Texas. This was to honor Enhelika's grandfather who had asked that they not live together before marriage. Sadly, Grandfather had passed away before this couple said their vows but he was there in spirit, in their hearts and in a photograph they had specially made for this wedding. Our spirited couple had found us through Enhelika's cousin Melissa whose wedding we had photographed in Lubbock a number of years ago and who is now our neighbor in Round Rock. We photographed their engagement portraits at Mills Pond in Round Rock, Texas and then later for bridal portraits at Sun City in Georgetown. Sun City is a lovely location with wonderful water features and year round greenery. Enhelika's dress has this amazing cherry red edging on the bodice that leads to a triangular panel that really sets off her dresses train. Their wedding colors were silver and cherry red so the girls were all in red and the guys had either red or silver vests. The eventful wedding day started early with the ladies at 2 different salons getting their hair done at 8am. Having two photographers at separate locations helped Enhelika see the entire day. Due to the early arrival of Shaun's niece(That day!) Shane, the groom's identical twin had to pull out of the wedding as best man and be with his wife at the hospital. One of Enhelika's cousin's was promptly promoted from usher to groomsman and had to run to get a tux. Luckily they had one in his size. At her Mom's house that morning relatives frantically chopped, mixed and cooked to get the BBQ, beans, & potato salad ready for the wedding dinner. After getting Enhelika all laced into her dress we headed off to St Helen's Catholic Church in Georgetown. The ceremony was beautiful with the light streaming through the windows and family of both sides present. Good thing they are such an easy going couple who thought all the little hiccups that occurred this day were hilarious. Like, her little brother passing out during the ceremony. After the ceremony and family pictures at the church we all headed off to the Elks lodge. The reception started out relaxed with a wonderful homemade BBQ meal and then got rockin' as the dancing and partying commenced. Midway through the evening Shaun was given the family pledge of support (and to keep him in line) surrounded by all of Enhelika's male relatives. We are sure looking forward to many more events from this extended family.

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