Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Marriage of Cultures

Akiko enters the church

Ken gives advice to Mark with Akiko not able to hear

Fun with bubbles

We met Mark many years ago through his parents and got to know him when we photographed his older brother Ken's wedding to Brandie in NY 5 years ago. Mark has an identical twin named Adam. These three are seemingly quiet brothers with a real quirky sense of humor and definite romantic streaks. Mark is very into Japanese anime and video games. He had gone to the extent of frequently traveling to Japan and learning how to read, write and speak Japanese so that he'd be able to play the video games in their native format. Mark met Akiko (pronounced "ah-kee-ko") over in Japan. They were both very much into playing and working on video games. We got together months before the wedding to photograph engagement portraits.
For some in the Asian cultures it is customary to take formal wedding photos of the bride and groom before the wedding day in their wedding day finery. Such was the case with this lovely couple. Their wedding happened on a hot Sunday afternoon in June. The ceremony took place at the chapel of St Elizabeth's Catholic Church in Pflugerville, Texas where the groom's family had attended services for years. Family members had traveled from as far as Japan and New York to honor this joining. In actuality, Mark & Akiko had been married in Japan for her family to attend and then again here to allow Mark's family to participate. Their reception was held at Fountain Glen in Leander, Texas. Guests were treated to appetizers of sushi and Mexican 5-layer dip while family photos were taken. Dinner was BBQ and beans while drinks were plum wine and various types os Sake. Origami favors, jelly beans and Chocolate covered pretzel sticks abounded on the tables while Amy's Ice Cream was served before the cake was cut. The two brothers of the groom made some truly heartfelt and at times really funny toasts including some marital advice for both Mark and Akiko. Her sister and brother stood up as well to welcome this new family. After the formal wedding events were completed they made the rounds of the room greeting and taking photos with all their guests, family & friends. The end of the day occurred with bubbles as do may weddings but they went way beyond to the extent with a beautiful dipping of Akiko amid bubbles(great job, Mark) and then they began blowing bubbles at each other. We cant wait to see what happens next with this family.... Adam has already said we'll be his wedding photographer when that happens...though he hinted it could be anywhere up to 2018. We cant wait....we'll be there, Pflugerville, California or Hawaii.

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