Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Trend

Rings on Candy Box
Formal Adidas Sneakers/Amber Looks On
Birds Eye View of Wedding Photographed with our Camera on a Stick
Birdseed Exit
Amber and Matt followed a new trend we are seeing which is to marry on a non-weekend day. They chose a Monday for their intimate family ceremony at Angel Springs in Georgetown, Texas. They are a loving and fun couple who went for comfort in their choice of footwear for the wedding party. Groom and groomsmen all wore new "formal" Adidas sneakers while the bridesmaids wore matching silver sparkle flip flops. Matt told us that he had a sure way to remember his anniversary as he and Amber planned on getting new tattoos with the date. Pink was the color of the day as the tablecloths were of the palest pink as well as the groomsmen's vests while the bridesmaids were in a darker pink. Amber's strapless dress incorporated pale pink in the stunning embroidered flowers and vines pattern. Matt and Amber even toasted with pink champagne before going on to cut their silver on white wedding cake. They ended the night under a shower of best wishes and birdseed on their way to their new life together as husband and wife.

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