Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Trend

Rings on Candy Box
Formal Adidas Sneakers/Amber Looks On
Birds Eye View of Wedding Photographed with our Camera on a Stick
Birdseed Exit
Amber and Matt followed a new trend we are seeing which is to marry on a non-weekend day. They chose a Monday for their intimate family ceremony at Angel Springs in Georgetown, Texas. They are a loving and fun couple who went for comfort in their choice of footwear for the wedding party. Groom and groomsmen all wore new "formal" Adidas sneakers while the bridesmaids wore matching silver sparkle flip flops. Matt told us that he had a sure way to remember his anniversary as he and Amber planned on getting new tattoos with the date. Pink was the color of the day as the tablecloths were of the palest pink as well as the groomsmen's vests while the bridesmaids were in a darker pink. Amber's strapless dress incorporated pale pink in the stunning embroidered flowers and vines pattern. Matt and Amber even toasted with pink champagne before going on to cut their silver on white wedding cake. They ended the night under a shower of best wishes and birdseed on their way to their new life together as husband and wife.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Monograms in the wedding

Feathered Pin/Monogramed Program
Birds Eye View from our Camera on a Stick
Dance Images

Carlo and Shannon were very much into details for their lovely outdoor wedding at Angel Springs in Georgetown, Texas. Shannon had gotten custom monogrammed hankerchiefs for each of her bridesmaids to wrap their flowers and for the Mom's to carry as well. The couple's new monogram was also included on the programs and even on the cake which was topped by some truly amazing red icing roses (kudos Simon Lee Bakery) Shannon wore an off the shoulder wrap waisted A line white gown which she had accessorized with a feathered pin to match the one she placed in her dark hair. These little touches are what make a wedding unique. Carlo had chosen pearl grey for the men's tuxes which contrasted wonderfully with the bridesmaids deep pink tea length dresses. One of the first formal photos we took after the ceremony was Carlo and Shannon with the Mariachi band who had played their wedding music. Once formals were done they were announced into the reception and went right into their first dance surrounded by their wedding party. After some outstanding BBQ from Dagar's catering they stopped for homemade jello shots before the toasting began. Laughter was heard by all as Shannon's stepdad presented Carlo with "The Groom's Book of Wisdom" which it turns out had just a single page which stated "She is Always Right". Hey, what more does a groom need to remember, right? After that, the dancing started and though the night wore down they did not and even extended their time a little to keep on dancing. They ended the night with bubbles and headed off in a long white limo.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

As the sun sets

Dads Last Kiss
Tossing the Garter, Sunset DipEnergy to SpareRoom Toast will all the guests
We took Lauren's bridal portraits just a week before her wedding. Truly not due to planning but due to delays with her dress. Lauren was our 4th bride this year to have dress issues though hers were the most challenging. Things like the wrong dress, wrong size and even the dress being sent to the wrong state were among the delays that Lauren seemed to take in stride. Lauren was well prepared for her bridal portrait and had even watched a few episodes of "Americas Next Top Model". It definitely showed in her posing and expressions as we took stunning images of her at Zilker Botanical Gardens. Lauren & TJ's wedding day was out at Vintage Villas on a hot Austin Texas summer Day. The bridesmaids were in a beautiful and unusual combination of moss colored dresses with aubergine (a shade of purple) sashes. Lauren's dress was one of the most unusual dresses we have seen and she told us during the bridals that she had originally tried it on as kind of a joke but then loved it. A strapless ivory gown with a lace up back and raised ivory flowers among an ivory floral pattern on the sheer organza overlay. When I say raised flowers I mean about an inch high. Just beautiful. Her hair was done in a retro style with a smooth side-parted classic front and then large curls at the base of her neck. A couple of gardenias were pinned on one side by the curls. The men were all in rich chocolate brown tuxes. The lakeside ceremony was lovely and serene. And then the party started. Both are from large families so the toasts were emotional and heartfelt. The dancing was fun/great/youthful. Everyone that danced was having a great time. There was even a special "girls" dance where the bride, bridesmaids and family got on stage in front of the crowd to dance as a group. One of TJ's brothers jumped and caught the garter. As the night wound down... or the morning arrived, everyone lined the walkway out of the event center and tossed rose petals at Lauren & TJ as they headed to the bridal suite. Their honeymoon plans were a fun filled trip to Costa Rica....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

White Dove Release

photo by Steven Martin for EverafterImages - White Doves Take Flight

As white doves take flight at Michelle and Paul's Vintage Villas wedding in Austin Texas - EverafterImages photographer Steven Martin captures a "mini" motor drive sequence leaving the bride and grooms hands. Michelle & Paul released doves as a symbolic announcement of their love, hope, faith and fidelity. The LoneStar White Dove Release company handles special ceremonies like this. Their slogan "Make if memorable!" For more information - please contact Rebecca at