Sunday, May 17, 2009

A New Perspective

Kim is a new member of the EverafterImages team and will be a contributing BLOG author/photographer offering thoughts from the eyes of an enthusiast.

My name is Kim and last weekend, I had the exciting privilege of assisting Everafter Images for the first time at the wedding of Maegan and Michael at the Barton Creek Spa and Resort. I have assisted at a few events in the past, but not a wedding and I didn’t really know what to expect. It was really a great time and I learned a great deal from both a professional and personal perspective. First from a professional perspective, it was really exciting to see them in action. They really do work together like a well-oiled machine. On the ride to Barton Creek, we talked about the venue, ceremony, reception, portrait expectations and equipment set-up. When we arrived, we sprung into action. I was brought up to speed pretty quickly and helped set-up photographic equipment for the ceremony. I was taught how to set-up their “camera on a stick”- which is very cool and takes some incredible shots. A little later I joined in while taking all the getting-ready shots and getting to know the bridal party, mom and other important women of the day (which I never would have thought would be so important, but it is). After the ceremony was set-up, we headed to the Governor’s Ballroom to study the reception set-up. we analyzed the room and quickly decided on the lighting strategy (which, prospective Brides, trust me, Ray knows what he doing with the lights).In the ready room After that, it was time for pre-ceremony photos of the guys. The ceremony was perfect and the location that Ray and Debra picked for the formal shots had an incredible view and made for some amazing images. Emotions
I never realized that some of that time before the ceremony just looking and strategizing would matter so much. The reception was a joyful family affair in which Team Everafter worked with room getting all the right shots at all the right times and then some. The best part of the entire day for me was the fact that they actually let me take some pictures! I was so nervous when I was handed the 16-35MM lens in the bride’s room and told to go for it. After all, this family is paying for these services and what if I mess up? I quickly got absorbed in trying to capture the moment- I took way TOO many pictures which was evidenced by the fact the my battery died before Maegan even made it down the aisle! It really felt good being behind that camera- I hope that I get to do it again. From a personal level, I really couldn’t believe how wrapped up I got in the wedding. It really made me remember my wedding day and all the excitement and newness that I felt with my now husband. During the event, Ray turned to me said, “no matter how many times I do this; I still get so excited for the couple”. That is why they make great wedding photographers. Plus, they work exceptionally hard to make that one wedding feel like the only wedding they have done all year.

With this ring I thee wed

Please watch for more articles by Kim

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