Sunday, May 3, 2009


Shooting for color is fun. There are just so many opportunities to find images that speak bold color that one could write a book on just that subject. These two examples are from the same wedding out at Star Hill Ranch in Austin Texas. By themselves the images are “nice” but as part of a layout in a wedding album – they can be used as back ground pages, or opposite each other for a full 2-page spread. The bridesmaids dress, royal blue against a darkened background really sets off the pink/fuchsia tones of the flowers. The black negative space could easily support additional photos or text and can lead the eye into the next page. The groomsman image with sapphire blue flower in shirt pocket complements the bridesmaids dress. The white shirt also supports negative space and could have photos arranged to the left of the shirt pocket. Together these two images speak of color and work well together in a layout; the colors are interesting and have potential for selective emphasis. As wedding photojournalists – we look for images that can stand on their own, but may also support additional imagery that tells the story of the day’s events, your wedding.
Left Color Sample

Right Color Sample
Sample Layout

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Cassie said...

You guys are so amazing & talented. I miss you!

-Cassie B.