Saturday, May 23, 2009

Anita & Sujit- Happily Wed

Anita and Sujit Lifted above their guestsEvents started for Anita & Sujit's Austin Texas wedding the day before the main ceremony when members of Anita's family presented him with traditional Indian wedding attire and some other presents of clothes, gold, and silver for all of his family members. For Anita, it was the traditional Ladies Menhdi tea party where female family and friends gathered to present her with wedding attire, pray over her and then have mehndi applied. Mehndi is the art of applying intricate henna temporary tattoos to the hands, forearms and feet of the bride. In some cultures it is traditional to include the groom's name in the henna design.... the thought being that if he can find his name he is truly meant to marry this bride. Sujit's name was indeed on Anita's inside wrist. That evening was a celebration called Sangeet. This is where the friends and families of the engaged couple get together for introductions, music, dancing and food. The next morning as the sun rose Sujit mounted a white horse and with many, many family and friends sang and danced in a procession to meet his future in-laws. The joy on his face was tremendous as he called out "It's time for my wedding" and went up the stairs at the Austin Hindu Temple with both sides of the family to await his bride. There were traditional ceremonies and rituals performed from both sides of this North Indian/South Indian wedding. Anita and Sujit changed into traditional North Indian wedding attire for the formal pictures while the guests enjoyed a wedding lunch. Later that evening the festivities started again with more family photos at the Downtown Austin Hilton while the guests enjoyed a cocktail hour with a Mexican Martini Ice flume and delicious Indian appetizers. I never get over the fantastic colors and fabrics in Indian Weddings and not just in the wedding party. The ballroom lights, linens and flowers were in jewel tones amber, peridot, aubergine and of course..... burnt orange. (Anita is after all, a UT Grad) But even the guests were arrayed men and women in a rainbow of colors and textures. The colorful lights swirled around the room as good food was consumed, toasts were given and some fun skits were performed by friends of the happy couple. The next day, a wedding send off prayer ceremony and lunch was hosted by Anita's family including many traditional North Indian meal (Bengali style) prepared by her Mother, Aunts and Cousins... yum! Shortly after, Sujit and Anita packed up their belongings for their return to Boston. I hope that they will give us a call the next time they are in town visiting Anita's parents. I know we'd love to see them again. For more images from this wedding, please go to

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