Thursday, April 9, 2009

Value of family photos

Family PhotoThe Value of a Family Photograph-

As I look at this picture-just one of hundreds that I have of my young self with either my mom, dad, brother or just dad, mom, etc, I am reminded of how valuable family photos really are.

Family photos preserve moments and memories for years and generations to come. I look at these pictures and see my dad, my young self, and my baby brother. Now I can share these pictures with my young son and he sees Mommy, Uncle Brian and Pe-Pa.

Family pictures don’t have to be the tradition posed picture of what one might consider a family. A family photo can be a wedding picture, a picture of your animals or even a group of close friends that are considered family.

What matters is having them. Having those moments to be able to look at them 25 years later and remember what you were doing and feeling. In this particular picture of my dad, brother and I, we are getting ready to move and my little brother was about 6 weeks old. It was probably one of the last pictures taken in front of the house that I had lived in for almost my entire life. I gave this picture to my dad for Christmas this year- he hadn’t seen it in ages. He loved it.

The value of the family photo is really priceless. For our family, my husband and I are looking forward to working with Austin and Round Rock photographers to help capture some great moments that 25 years from now, my children will love sharing with their families.
~ Kim de Araujo

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