Monday, April 20, 2009

Fast Food Dieting

Lunch at Wendy's

My wife and I started diets February - together we have already together lost more than 30 lbs. I wanted to share this tip as many times our brides and grooms ask if we can photograph them to look thinner. While there are some techniques we use to help the appearance of a "slimming effect" - this blog article is more about how I personally deal with my fast food cravings while I'm running errands around lunch time... It's just so easy to pop into a Wendy's, Jack in the Box etc.. While most fast food restaurants now have a healthier menu, I've found they just don't have the "balance" I've been looking for. Too much sodium in the grilled chicken, too much fat in the dressing etc... My solution is to take a foil packet of water packed tuna in the car when I go. These do not require refrigeration, seem to survive the Texas heat - and are not that expensive. OK, now to the numbers - A Wendy's side salad with a Starkist water packed tuna and the Wendy's light ranch dressing is only 209 calories. This fills me up enough to keep me away from the french fries and is very tasty. The cost w/tax is $1.29 - the packets of tuna are .89 to $1.59. If you drink water instead of sugary soda or tea you're in & out for around $3.00 - not bad for a quick and easy fast food lunch with the right balance of Carbs, Protein and Fat. To add a little zest/kick to the salad - try a jalapeno pepper on the salad. When I know I'm off to Wendy's, I skip the Wendy's dressing and bring my own "Walden's Farms Calorie Free" dressing (I dont know how they do this and make it taste so good, its almost magic) with a little bit of Gorgonzola cheese and Trappey's Sweet jalapeno peppers. This adds about 100 calories, but because I don't use the light ranch - it all works out.. This lunch is also great if you're diabetic as the balance of Carbs/Protein/Fat is friendly to the glycemic index. Anyway - If you looking for an easy way to carry a lunch, toss a few tuna packets into the car, purse, etc to add to your salads at fast food restaurants.


Austin Wedding Blog said...

Great tip! Will definitely have to start carrying around some of those foil packet tuna packages. Oh, and congrats on you guys losing over +30 lbs.!

EverafterImages.Com said...

I've also had good with with the foil pink salmon and white chicken... Thanks for the congrats!

Anonymous said...

I'm very proud of you and Debra on losing 30lbs together.
I wish I had the will power like you guys do, but tomorrow is a new beginning for me I'm going the gym here and work out. Debra suggested I do the tredmill for 30mins and the stationary bike for 30 once I get up to speed.
I need to catch up to you guys. I can't have you win "The Biggest Loser" Ray.. HEE HEE>> LOL

Fairfax, Virginia