Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Camera on a stick

View from a camera mounted on a stickWhen we mount a camera with a 14mm (wide angle) lens on a 25 foot tripod – we call this “Camera on a Stick”. It’s just a fun name that just stuck. This has produced some very unique “birds eye” views at weddings where a balcony or high elevation is not available. We pre-focus the lens and set the exposure to the lighting conditions of the area. Then we mount a “pocket wizard” remote trigger to the camera to act as a receiver. The transmitter is another pocket wizard mounted to another camera. This combination will allow us to shoot 2 cameras with a single release of the shutter. We have also hidden the camera on a stick behind flowers on the alter at some weddings for a view that would be impossible unless the photographer was standing on the alter next to the priest, minister. We are always looking for unique angles that others might miss – this perspective is appreciated by our brides/grooms and their families. Other view from our camera on a stick

Monday, February 2, 2009

Planning Tool For Brides

Meeting ExampleWe are pleased to announce easy online meetings, anytime, anywhere in the United States. This is a great planning tool for brides and grooms that are planning their wedding out of state - or wish to bring a photo team to their location. EverafterImages will schedule a meeting and invite up to 12 of your wedding principals from any location in the United States. Attendees do not need to sign up to join our meeting with you - they just click an email link or enter the meeting ID online. When all attendees have arrived, we "Show Our Screen" to start a secure presentation and collaborate with you and your wedding principals right from your desktop. Not only is this a great tool before the wedding, this also benefits the wedding couple after the wedding in selecting photos, zooming in on details, minor adjustments to the photo etc...

Call now to schedule a web conference 512-989-6952 or

For more informantion about this technoligy - please see "GoToMeeting.Com"