Monday, January 19, 2009

Selective Color

Selective ColorWhen we have brides looking over our wedding albums – one question almost always comes up – Can you do that “color thing” where one part of the photo is in Black and White and another part in color?

We call this selective color. The bride’s bouquet seems almost a natural image for this Photoshop treatment, but it can also work well for gold rings in the palm of the groom’s hand or amber champagne glasses with a soft focus background toasting image.

To accomplish this – we use Photoshop because of the layering capabilities. We duplicate the color layer and convert it to Black and White. We then move the B/W layer to the top and “erase/reveal” the color image below. Sometimes we will use the lasso tool to fine tune the details. We then flatten the image and save it for printing.

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Austin Dream Weddings said...

Thanks for explaining that this process is called Selective color. Now I won't look dumb when I ask for it!