Thursday, January 22, 2009

Capturing life’s “little” moments…

Luca and Enzo

I have always loved photography. I don’t know if it goes back to my theater days in high school or just a love of off-beat images and those unexpected treasures you can get from behind the lens. My side tables and walls have always been filled with images in frames of family, friends, vacations and events rather than traditional art. My most favorite snapshots are those behind-the-scenes images that capture the subtleties of the event and the overall ambiance of the moment. They not only take you right back to occasion, but they also project a feeling of happiness and joy onto to you that typical, posed photographs fail to accomplish.

We moved to Round Rock shortly before my first child was born and were lucky enough to become neighbors with Ray and Debra. After my son Luca was born, they quickly became my photographers. I don’t really care for the traditional planned and posed pictures you get with kids nor do I care to pay a TON of money for some boring studio shot of my child in a horrible mood!

Luca is now getting ready to turn 3 and I have a library of images that are, to me, priceless. It all started with the shots taken when he was just a week old. I will never forget how I felt when Ray dropped them off at my home. I was amazed by what they captured in just a few short minutes when we dropped by their house to introduce him. Ever since, Debra has always taken great shots of him and captured his personality at the time. I love seeing the growth of Luca since children change SO much in the first year. My favorite part of any session is getting to see the pictures that I had no idea she had taken. Sometimes, those turn out to be my most favorite. There are one set of pics she took shortly after Luca turned one that are awesome. He was just starting to walk and play and she caught all of that and more.

When my youngest son, Enzo, was born, we started the whole thing all over again. Now instead of one child, we have two. Debra is never afraid to chase after Luca doing whatever it is he is doing at the time. This most recent session was for Enzo’s 1st birthday. Debra was ready; down on the ground chasing after the crawler and trying to capture the perfect moment all the while not forgetting big brother Luca. This time, Ray was on hand to give Luca the perfect surprise: a tripod. Who would have thought a tripod would keep a soon-to-be 3 year-old busy? It did! Good thinking, Ray!

Thanks to Debra for capturing the little moments of my precious boys.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Selective Color

Selective ColorWhen we have brides looking over our wedding albums – one question almost always comes up – Can you do that “color thing” where one part of the photo is in Black and White and another part in color?

We call this selective color. The bride’s bouquet seems almost a natural image for this Photoshop treatment, but it can also work well for gold rings in the palm of the groom’s hand or amber champagne glasses with a soft focus background toasting image.

To accomplish this – we use Photoshop because of the layering capabilities. We duplicate the color layer and convert it to Black and White. We then move the B/W layer to the top and “erase/reveal” the color image below. Sometimes we will use the lasso tool to fine tune the details. We then flatten the image and save it for printing.