Sunday, December 27, 2009

Poolside Vows

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Andria & Blair were married in a candlelit poolside ceremony at Hamilton Twelve in Bee Caves, Texas. The evening was cool and the Rosemary & Cedar scented candles lent a soft glow to their poolside ceremony. Andria's ivory strapless dress looked amazing on her tiny frame though she said she couldnt breathe as we zipped her into it. Her ladies wore an unusual fern green which looked lovely on all of them with brown and ivory as the flower and candle accent colors. The bride's ex-grandmother officiated and the groom's family made the golfers dream cake which lent an especially personal touch to this very family oriented union. After much dancing and visiting this active and enthusiastic couple exited through a tunnel of well wishers hands.

Fall Wedding

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Sara's wedding to Wes in Willis Texas on the outskirts of Houston at the Shepard Hill Estate combined her Irish heritage and the colors of the fall season. Sara glowed (and it was not just her beautiful red hair) as she got ready for her long awaited wedding to Wes. Deep greens, fall foliage, candles and pumpkins infused the decor. The groom's family provided all of the catering and it was an ecclectic mix of their favorite foods. From poached salmon to Scotch Eggs and homemade Macaroni and Cheese...from sherbert punch to lamb was all wonderful. This was an intimate family event with quiet good feelings all around. The guests saw Sara and Wes off in a shower of lavender on their way to an "after" party of dancing this wonderful night.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

6th Street Bokeh

Phil and Jodi at West Point, Click to enlarge

Jodi is a true Princess Bride. As a little girl she dreamed of being a princess and marrying her prince charming. She and Phil were married this Christmas season at The Highland Park Baptist Church in Austin Texas and her princess details were everywhere. Sparkles abound through their Denim and Diamonds rehearsal dinner at the County Line on the Lake. From the attendant gifts of pearls to her Jodismaids(as she called them) to the Disney princess books and kits(complete with veils, gloves and jewelry) for her Jr Jodismaids and flowergirl. To the Crystal tree of place settings for the guests, the glowing metallic candles everywhere, the twinkle lights in the trees at the Chateau Bellevue and the cake details which matched her dress. We loved using our new Canon 7D camera with it's high iso capabilities to capture lots of ambient light. Using low a low apature of f/1.4 and high ISO from 4000 to 6400 we were able to create nightime photos lots of bokeh. 6th Street from the Driskill Hotel - Sample of BokehBokeh is the photographic term used to describe the soft focus portions of a photo. Sparkling items and glowing lights make for beautiful bokeh in Jodi and Phil's photos while drawing the eye to the focal point of the photos... usually Jodi and Phil.
This self-proclaimed princess and her prince are very family and military oriented and displayed many photos of their special family members. The Philsmen(as Jodi termed them) enjoyed a wedding day breakfast at Cisco's Restaurant on East Sixth where Phil and his friends and family have gone for years... even before the restaurant used menus. They both graduated from Texas A & M University at College Station and Phil graduated from West Point Military Academy in New York. We went out to West Point with them for Jodi's bridal portraits and to do a few wedding portraits where Phil (in uniform) was in the photo but could not see Jodi. She and Phil cut the wedding cake and his groom's cake (free standing West Point ring... nice job Matty Cakes!) with his military sword. After a magical evening of friends, fun and dancing the culmination of their evening was a musical exit to the sound of bells as Phil wheeled her out to their waiting carriage in a cushioned wheelbarrow. They headed over to the Capital Building for photos and then off to their suite at the Driskill Hotel where Phil swept her into his arms and over the threshold. Happily Everafter Jodi and Phil!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Golden Light

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Photoshop screen shot
This wedding panoramic from John & Jamie's wedding at the Umlauf Sculpture garden in Austin Texas had just the right light. Low in the sky just before sunset - filtered through soft clouds and adding a a warmth and a highlight on the left side of the trellis. The golden light cast just the warmest tone to the trees in the background, wonderful. The panoramic image is 4 photos stitched together with Photoshop CS4. Shooting the images with an "overlap" is the key to successful photoshop stitching automation.

For this Bridal Image, we used our "studio" lights to add fill light to the bride AND an additional fill light for the waterfall far off in the background, to the right. Without the high power studio fill - the waterfall would have been "darker" in the shadows and Jamie's features would be dark as she was backlit by the sun.... The warm evening sun "Kissed" Jamie's red hair which matched her bouquet perfectly. The back, direct light also gave a slimming effect to the photo on the left (not that our bride needed it) by washing out the details of where the line of her back was. For the photo on the right we stood on a ladder, we shot for a higher angle to juxtopose the waterfall just over the her shoulder. Awsome light! Bridal Images at Umlauf Sculpture Garden of Austin

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Morning coffee

Starbucks Seamstress
Just a few weeks ago as we were getting ready to photograph our clients for their Houston Indian Wedding this November, we stopped by Starbucks for coffee and met Renee. As I sipped my coffee, I couldn't help to comment to Debra about the window light that was illuminating a focused seamstress hard at work while drinking her morning coffee. Well, the camera was near by so I approached "Renne" and asked if we could take a few photos - I just loved the focus Renee had on her task - the world just seemed to fade away as she practiced a craft that is not common anymore. From my view I could see the soft light enter the coffee shop and every now and then catch a glimmer of light on the needle. I asked Renee if she could email me a little "background info" as our readers like to her about the people we photograph. Renee provided the folling infomation.

I am a first year grad student at the University of Texas, Austin. I am studying for my MFA in Costume Technology for Theatre, which involves the construction of costumes and costume pieces such as hats and wigs, and skills such as dyeing fabric and makeup. When you saw me, I was thread marking my wool vest pieces for a three piece suit that I am making for my tailoring class.
I am originally from Rhode Island, but have been quite happy in Austin for about two years now. I look forward to one day working behind the scenes in either film or theatre.

Thanks Renee for this simple slice of life...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Harley Time!

Harley Rider with American Flag

Here we are on the road from Virginia to New York, literally; right now heading to West Point to photograph Jodi's bridal portraits.... dont you love mobile computing.... and no, I'm not driving as I blog but riding. Anyway, yesterday we happened across Ryan G. Ryan is a computer forensics specialist.... what a cool title. He is into Harley Davidson motorcycles and has had his current bike for about 6 months. He and his fiance Chelsea just returned from a long ride from Toledo Ohio, he on the bike and she in the support car with luggage and Miles, their year old black & white Malti-Poo. Well the bike is a color called "Black Ice"; a stunning metallic blue-violet and just gleams in the light. With his permission we decided to have some fun with him and his bike. We started with photos of his reflection in the different areas of the bike... gas tank, mirrorrs, gas cap, etc. Of course we had to get a few with Chelsea and Miles. Then we progressed to the photo displayed above. Using a wide angle lens and a slightly off angle and waving a flag in the foreground gave us this strong, majestic photo. Haha, we even pressed our friends Terry & Sherry into service holding camera flashes and flags and more. So here he is in his own Harley commercial. We hope to see more of them when it's time for their wedding.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Patriotic Wedding

What better colors for a July 3rd military wedding than Red, White & Blue? That's what Kevin and Josephine chose and it reflected throughout Redbud Hall at Texas Old Town in Kyle, Texas. Flags and stars abound over tables with patriotic beaded necklaces, flag heart pins and candy as favors. Stars even hung from the ceiling making an aisle for the ceremony (and tangling up Kevin and Jo on their first dance) Good thing they planned for an early morning indoor ceremony on this over 100 degree Texas day. We had not met Kevin and Josephine prior to the wedding day except through a web conference to talk details. A friend in photo school was originally to take the photos but was overwhelmed by the pressure and not wanting to potentially disappoint and ruin a freindship they opted for professional photography. Having that date surprisingly still available we were happy to help out. Jo's family was much involved in the preparations as her Uncle, a Chef from MIT, made the wonderfully tasty wedding cake and they were married by her Aunt, an ordained hospital chaplain from California. I was amazed to find that the bride and bridesmaids had put together the red rose bouquets the night before the ceremony. They were just beautiful. We took wedding party photos outside to utilize the lovely streams and bridges on the property. With the heat the family stayed inside and enjoyed the ambiance. The food was wonderful as Dagar's had provided a BBQ feast for the family and guests. Dancing was spirited and fun and then Kevin and Jo exited to their guests waving small American flags to send them on their way.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Longhorn Wedding

Umbrellas were the accessory of the day as Kourtney & Derek married at the Smith Family Chapel in Austin, Texas. It's been a DRY summer so the rain has been welcome though I'm sure they wish it would have paused for the day. the wedding colors were chocolate brown and Longhorn orange (for those non longhorn fans this means a burnt orange) The chapel glowed with the rich colors in the flowers and the many candles. Kourtney looked gorgeous and teary eyed as she walked up the aisle to Derek. Her custom designed white strapless dress with a mid length train was perfect for a bit of drama but easy for her to move around. The bridesmaids wore chocolate brown tea length dresses and the groom & his men sported chocolate brown vests and ties. With the ivory, burnt orange and bright orange flowers it was a warm and vibrant event. They were driven from the church in a vintage white limo to the UT Club in the stadium of the University of Texas. The guest were served a wonderful dinner and enjoyed cocktails in a room where Longhorn memorabilia and details were everywhere to be seen. The heartfelt toast from the Bride & Groom to the guests and family thanking all for sharing in thier most special day to date. We were even able to gain access to one of the private game boxes for a few photos. And though we could not see the UT tower lit up orange from the windows I am sure that will be a special part of their wedding photos.Blackberry reads I'm getting married today
At the Alter

Hook Em Horns
On the way to the Austin Capitol

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trash the Dress

80's Style Wedding Dress in the Ocean - Click to enlarge

Trash the dress, also known as fearless bridal or rock the frock, is a style of wedding portrait photography that contrasts elegant clothing with an environment in which it is out of place. It is generally shot in the style of fashion and glamour photography . This is the wikipedia definition.

It is most common with modrn brides who do this rather than preserving and storing away this garment that will for the most part be worn only once. They do not expect their children or sisters to wear them and wish to get more than a single use from this dress they have spent a lot of time choosing. For former brides it tends to be cathartic, a removing of the vestiges of a marriage that did not work. It is becoming popular to do sessions with High School or College formal dresses as well.

The preferred style tends to involve water in some fashion so as to be creative but not to truly damage the dress beyond repair. Some more adventurous brides decide to have pictures taken on rooftops, garbage dumps, fields, and abandoned buildings getting the dress dirty and really emphasizing the contrast between elegance and grit. In more extreme measures the dress is completely destroyed with fire, paint or by ripping and tearing.

While we were in Destin, Florida for Mary Helen and Jason's beach wedding we decided to play with a trash the dress session at the beach. The setting by the old pier pilings was too stunning not to explore with some fun photography. While our Bride wasnt about to take her watered silk gown into the water (I dont blame her) we did find a gown at the local resale shop and a volunteer to be our "model". Kristina was willing to go out on the beach for a late afternoon photo shoot and to play in the water. After setting a day/time for the shoot we went to pick up the dress and also picked up another non-wedding gown we had seen. This second dress (probably a prom dress) had sparked ideas of a "Neptune's Daughter" look so off we went to the local beach shops for accessories....shells,a net and some beach jewelry.

We had beautiful skies for our setting and very curious onlookers as we set our spot at the beach. We had Kristina go with more dramatic makeup than she usually wears and zipped her into the 80s style wedding gown. We had toyed with the idea of having her actually tear the dress and brought along scissors to help as the seams in this dress were very strong. As soon as we zipped her up and she said she felt like the Bride of Dracula we knew we had the right idea....she'd have no problem wanting to rip this thing up. Sure enough as soon as we had her leaning on the piling she went to work...we then had her move into the water and continue ripping. A last step for this dress was to get out of the water and step out of the trashed dress leaving it behind for a swim in the ocean.

Then we moved to our Neptune's daughter plan by getting some shells strewn on the beach and tangled into our net. We slipped Kristina into the dress and placed strands of faux pearls in her hair. What luck, this second dress fit her perfectly. By now Kristina was all relaxed and our audience had dispersed so off she went into the water.... First at the edge just dragging the net behind her and then deeper letting the low waves buffet her a bit and roll behind. After our shoot off we all went to clean up and then to dinner. We ended up with some amazing photos and some new friends.

OK Barbara, we're ready for your session now..... Green Neptune's Daughter Idea - Click to enlarge

Monday, August 17, 2009

Moving Panoramic

Three Images stitched together -- click for larger view

Often at wedding Debra and I shoot 3 to 5 images and stitch them together with Photoshop or Canon's PhotoStitch - but this one was a bit different as the subject was moving. We have been to many weddings where during the reception college alumni band together around their college "fight song" - This photo is from Texas A&M University - "Aggie War Hymn" - What made this photo unique was that everyone was moving and swaying, left, right, left, right. I have seen this at other Texas A&M weddings and while I could have stood back and shot the entire scene with wide angle lens - then cropped for a strong horizontal effect, I wanted to try for a larger, more detailed file size. This image is 3x the size of a single photograph. I timed each photo as a 3 part panoramic on the right sway, each time the crowd would sway to the right, I would snap the left, center, then right. The final image was stitched together with Photoshop CS4 - then tinted to sepia to reduce the many distracting colors from uneven lighting in the room. Click on the single Panoramic above for a larger 1104px X 400px view. Enjoy!

Left Panoramic Image
Center Panormaic Image

Right Panoramic Image

Monday, August 10, 2009

New York Wedding

View from above
Our associate photographer Linda Lucas met Jenna & Chris on Mother's Day of 2008. Debra and I had photographed Chris and Jenna's engagement photos a few months before and were all ready obligated to another wedding by the time a date had been set for their wedding. The happy couple were to be wed in Long Island, New York the following summer and wanted Everafter Images to photograph their big day. Of course, after meeting everyone was thrilled and so the planning began! Linda and Brian, the photographers assigned to this wedding, arrived in Long Island Friday, July 10th and settled in. Saturday afternoon they attended and photographed the rehearsal. Gathered for the wedding were Jenna and Chris' closest family and friends at the most quaint little Italian restaurant. Linda reports that "there was so much love in the air". Everyone was so extremely happy for them and they both were just glowing. The next morning Linda went to Jenna's mothers house where the girls were getting their hair & make up done. With bagels and cream cheese in hand, everyone began their day. One by one, each of them grew to be more and more beautiful. Finally, it was Jenna's turn. All dressed and made up she was absolutely stunning and Linda knew Chris would cry when he saw her for the first time. The ceremony and reception were both held at a venue called FlowerfieldNight time at the pond. With ponds, fountains, bridges and swans the setting was surreal. The staff there made sure that every one of the Bride & Groom's needs were met. Every detail breath-taking. From the food to the cake to the individual spot lights that shone on each one of the center pieces at every single table. No detail was too small, no detail forgotten. Chris & Jenna chose to see each other in a private setting just before the wedding. There were hugs, tears of joy and much laughter. Filled with the purest of excitement they were ready to get the days events underway. We heard people say that this was a traditional New York wedding, but for us, it was the most emotional, energetic and vivacious wedding we had ever attended. Everyone danced the night away and truly celebrated this perfect union.

Congratulations, Chris & Jenna.

Linda Lucas has been an associate photographer for EverafterImages for more than 6 years. She has started her own photography company DreamImagesAustin.Com. We encourage you to take a look at her work.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Beach Wedding - Destin Florida

We arrived yesterday in Destin FL to prepare for Jason & Mary Helen's beach wedding this Saturday at Beasley Park on Okaloosa Island, FL. Before we had even checked into the hotel we popped by the public beach location of the wedding and took a look around. Our early arrival was planned as open time to strategize where we want to have our cameras, and what selection of lens we will use- and, of course, how to keep the white beach sand of Destin off our equipment. We've decided on tripods, fanny packs and pillow cases to store equipment between locations and keep the sand to a minimum. Welcome PackageWhen we arrived to our motel - we were greeted by a "Welcome to our Wedding Package" from Mary Helen and Jason. Tonight before our casual beach cottage get together with wedding party and families we will do a wedding trial run around 6:00 (close to the same time as the wedding the next day) to fine tune lighting, where we will stand, etc... One unique angle we will shoot for is to mount our 11-16mm wide angle lens and camera on a 12-20 foot pole, then trip the shutter with a hand held remote for Mary Helen's entrance to the beach. After our bride passes Raymond, he will then follow sightly from behind and to the side to photograph the arrival from a high unique advantage point - walking with the bride. This should lead to some nice birds eye, ocean background images as the bride approaches the groom and wedding party. Debra plans to capture the moment from the beach level. After our trial run we will meet with the Wedding Party for light cocktails and updates.... and of course a few photos. In the morning, Ray starts out with the guys at the golf course while Debra will be with the ladies for nails and hair starting the preparation. A short break around noon - then off we go to the actual wedding. Beach Sand Heart

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Marriage of Cultures

Akiko enters the church

Ken gives advice to Mark with Akiko not able to hear

Fun with bubbles

We met Mark many years ago through his parents and got to know him when we photographed his older brother Ken's wedding to Brandie in NY 5 years ago. Mark has an identical twin named Adam. These three are seemingly quiet brothers with a real quirky sense of humor and definite romantic streaks. Mark is very into Japanese anime and video games. He had gone to the extent of frequently traveling to Japan and learning how to read, write and speak Japanese so that he'd be able to play the video games in their native format. Mark met Akiko (pronounced "ah-kee-ko") over in Japan. They were both very much into playing and working on video games. We got together months before the wedding to photograph engagement portraits.
For some in the Asian cultures it is customary to take formal wedding photos of the bride and groom before the wedding day in their wedding day finery. Such was the case with this lovely couple. Their wedding happened on a hot Sunday afternoon in June. The ceremony took place at the chapel of St Elizabeth's Catholic Church in Pflugerville, Texas where the groom's family had attended services for years. Family members had traveled from as far as Japan and New York to honor this joining. In actuality, Mark & Akiko had been married in Japan for her family to attend and then again here to allow Mark's family to participate. Their reception was held at Fountain Glen in Leander, Texas. Guests were treated to appetizers of sushi and Mexican 5-layer dip while family photos were taken. Dinner was BBQ and beans while drinks were plum wine and various types os Sake. Origami favors, jelly beans and Chocolate covered pretzel sticks abounded on the tables while Amy's Ice Cream was served before the cake was cut. The two brothers of the groom made some truly heartfelt and at times really funny toasts including some marital advice for both Mark and Akiko. Her sister and brother stood up as well to welcome this new family. After the formal wedding events were completed they made the rounds of the room greeting and taking photos with all their guests, family & friends. The end of the day occurred with bubbles as do may weddings but they went way beyond to the extent with a beautiful dipping of Akiko amid bubbles(great job, Mark) and then they began blowing bubbles at each other. We cant wait to see what happens next with this family.... Adam has already said we'll be his wedding photographer when that happens...though he hinted it could be anywhere up to 2018. We cant wait....we'll be there, Pflugerville, California or Hawaii.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Underwater Anniversary

Barton Springs PanoramicToday was the 21st anniversary of the day I married my best friend. I love Ray. We have had a number of adventurous anniversaries (the backpacking weekend hike where raccoons got in the tent, the weekend in Mazatlan, scuba diving off the California coast, tubing down the Comal River, etc) This anniversary we spent in a more low key manner. A relaxing day at Barton Springs Pool in Austin Texas. Black BassFor those who are unfamilar; in the heart of Austin's Zilker Park is a 3 acre pool fed from an under ground springs which averages 68 degrees year round. (believe me when it is over 100 degrees outside this feels great!) It has a natural rocky bottom with water plants and native Texas fish. Red Brested SunFishWe had gotten an underwater camera housing for our little point-n-shoot camera at Christmas. (Hey, there was no way I was getting one for the "real" cameras) Well, we had some limited success previously capturing fish photos but it turns out the camera has an underwater white balance setting so we were hopeful that we'd get some decent images today. (Underwater white balance setting means that the camera trys to compensate for the color of the ambient light underwater) Well, Ray rigged up a stability pole for use with the camera's video setting using a small light Underwater Camera Rigstand and a brick. We arrived about 10am at the pool and put on our wetsuits....haha, actually, we had accidentally switched when I put his on I had to laugh as the collar was up to my eyes and it was sagging below. After getting suited up correctly, we entered the pool with camera and snorkels. The fish were so very curious of the stability pole and we had so much fun "fish wrangling" them towards the camera. According to other websites Barton Springs is home to 2 varieties of Bass and 3 varieties of Sunfish as well as turtles, catfish and tetras. Well, I didnt see any catfish or turtles but we did see plenty of sunfish and bass. They were so colorful and not too skittish unless we swam within a foot of them. After about 2 hours swimming in the pool (and having the camera batteries die) we decided it was time for some coffee and so headed to Starbucks (yes, boo, hiss, but so consistent) We checked out our photos and videos while sipping coffee and holding hands. Though we had planned dinner out we ended up having a nice candlelit dinner at home on our wedding china. :) Maybe, we'll go out for dessert....I know for sure we'll be back at Barton Springs...tomorrow morning.

Just added underwater VIDEO FOOTAGE on YouTube - just for fun - nothing to serious

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Twice Married

Cell Phone Announcment and Making Potato Salad

Lighting Candles
Family Pledge of Support

Grooms Cake

Sun Light Church / Bridal Image

Shaun and Enhelika were married again on their first anniversary. Their 2008 wedding was at the Justice of the Peace in Round Rock, Texas. This was to honor Enhelika's grandfather who had asked that they not live together before marriage. Sadly, Grandfather had passed away before this couple said their vows but he was there in spirit, in their hearts and in a photograph they had specially made for this wedding. Our spirited couple had found us through Enhelika's cousin Melissa whose wedding we had photographed in Lubbock a number of years ago and who is now our neighbor in Round Rock. We photographed their engagement portraits at Mills Pond in Round Rock, Texas and then later for bridal portraits at Sun City in Georgetown. Sun City is a lovely location with wonderful water features and year round greenery. Enhelika's dress has this amazing cherry red edging on the bodice that leads to a triangular panel that really sets off her dresses train. Their wedding colors were silver and cherry red so the girls were all in red and the guys had either red or silver vests. The eventful wedding day started early with the ladies at 2 different salons getting their hair done at 8am. Having two photographers at separate locations helped Enhelika see the entire day. Due to the early arrival of Shaun's niece(That day!) Shane, the groom's identical twin had to pull out of the wedding as best man and be with his wife at the hospital. One of Enhelika's cousin's was promptly promoted from usher to groomsman and had to run to get a tux. Luckily they had one in his size. At her Mom's house that morning relatives frantically chopped, mixed and cooked to get the BBQ, beans, & potato salad ready for the wedding dinner. After getting Enhelika all laced into her dress we headed off to St Helen's Catholic Church in Georgetown. The ceremony was beautiful with the light streaming through the windows and family of both sides present. Good thing they are such an easy going couple who thought all the little hiccups that occurred this day were hilarious. Like, her little brother passing out during the ceremony. After the ceremony and family pictures at the church we all headed off to the Elks lodge. The reception started out relaxed with a wonderful homemade BBQ meal and then got rockin' as the dancing and partying commenced. Midway through the evening Shaun was given the family pledge of support (and to keep him in line) surrounded by all of Enhelika's male relatives. We are sure looking forward to many more events from this extended family.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Trend

Rings on Candy Box
Formal Adidas Sneakers/Amber Looks On
Birds Eye View of Wedding Photographed with our Camera on a Stick
Birdseed Exit
Amber and Matt followed a new trend we are seeing which is to marry on a non-weekend day. They chose a Monday for their intimate family ceremony at Angel Springs in Georgetown, Texas. They are a loving and fun couple who went for comfort in their choice of footwear for the wedding party. Groom and groomsmen all wore new "formal" Adidas sneakers while the bridesmaids wore matching silver sparkle flip flops. Matt told us that he had a sure way to remember his anniversary as he and Amber planned on getting new tattoos with the date. Pink was the color of the day as the tablecloths were of the palest pink as well as the groomsmen's vests while the bridesmaids were in a darker pink. Amber's strapless dress incorporated pale pink in the stunning embroidered flowers and vines pattern. Matt and Amber even toasted with pink champagne before going on to cut their silver on white wedding cake. They ended the night under a shower of best wishes and birdseed on their way to their new life together as husband and wife.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Monograms in the wedding

Feathered Pin/Monogramed Program
Birds Eye View from our Camera on a Stick
Dance Images

Carlo and Shannon were very much into details for their lovely outdoor wedding at Angel Springs in Georgetown, Texas. Shannon had gotten custom monogrammed hankerchiefs for each of her bridesmaids to wrap their flowers and for the Mom's to carry as well. The couple's new monogram was also included on the programs and even on the cake which was topped by some truly amazing red icing roses (kudos Simon Lee Bakery) Shannon wore an off the shoulder wrap waisted A line white gown which she had accessorized with a feathered pin to match the one she placed in her dark hair. These little touches are what make a wedding unique. Carlo had chosen pearl grey for the men's tuxes which contrasted wonderfully with the bridesmaids deep pink tea length dresses. One of the first formal photos we took after the ceremony was Carlo and Shannon with the Mariachi band who had played their wedding music. Once formals were done they were announced into the reception and went right into their first dance surrounded by their wedding party. After some outstanding BBQ from Dagar's catering they stopped for homemade jello shots before the toasting began. Laughter was heard by all as Shannon's stepdad presented Carlo with "The Groom's Book of Wisdom" which it turns out had just a single page which stated "She is Always Right". Hey, what more does a groom need to remember, right? After that, the dancing started and though the night wore down they did not and even extended their time a little to keep on dancing. They ended the night with bubbles and headed off in a long white limo.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

As the sun sets

Dads Last Kiss
Tossing the Garter, Sunset DipEnergy to SpareRoom Toast will all the guests
We took Lauren's bridal portraits just a week before her wedding. Truly not due to planning but due to delays with her dress. Lauren was our 4th bride this year to have dress issues though hers were the most challenging. Things like the wrong dress, wrong size and even the dress being sent to the wrong state were among the delays that Lauren seemed to take in stride. Lauren was well prepared for her bridal portrait and had even watched a few episodes of "Americas Next Top Model". It definitely showed in her posing and expressions as we took stunning images of her at Zilker Botanical Gardens. Lauren & TJ's wedding day was out at Vintage Villas on a hot Austin Texas summer Day. The bridesmaids were in a beautiful and unusual combination of moss colored dresses with aubergine (a shade of purple) sashes. Lauren's dress was one of the most unusual dresses we have seen and she told us during the bridals that she had originally tried it on as kind of a joke but then loved it. A strapless ivory gown with a lace up back and raised ivory flowers among an ivory floral pattern on the sheer organza overlay. When I say raised flowers I mean about an inch high. Just beautiful. Her hair was done in a retro style with a smooth side-parted classic front and then large curls at the base of her neck. A couple of gardenias were pinned on one side by the curls. The men were all in rich chocolate brown tuxes. The lakeside ceremony was lovely and serene. And then the party started. Both are from large families so the toasts were emotional and heartfelt. The dancing was fun/great/youthful. Everyone that danced was having a great time. There was even a special "girls" dance where the bride, bridesmaids and family got on stage in front of the crowd to dance as a group. One of TJ's brothers jumped and caught the garter. As the night wound down... or the morning arrived, everyone lined the walkway out of the event center and tossed rose petals at Lauren & TJ as they headed to the bridal suite. Their honeymoon plans were a fun filled trip to Costa Rica....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

White Dove Release

photo by Steven Martin for EverafterImages - White Doves Take Flight

As white doves take flight at Michelle and Paul's Vintage Villas wedding in Austin Texas - EverafterImages photographer Steven Martin captures a "mini" motor drive sequence leaving the bride and grooms hands. Michelle & Paul released doves as a symbolic announcement of their love, hope, faith and fidelity. The LoneStar White Dove Release company handles special ceremonies like this. Their slogan "Make if memorable!" For more information - please contact Rebecca at