Friday, December 19, 2008


Squirrel at feederOK, I have a bird feeder near a tree in our yard and this squirrel comes by to eat the seed this morning. Well, the squirrel has been driving Daisy (no pun...Daisy is our Black Lab) crazy for days....its been a game....squirrel in the tree waiting, Daisy retreats to the patio to wait...squirrel sensing an opportunity climbs over to the shepherds crook the feeder hangs on and watches Daisy for a couple of seconds, tail twitching. Daisy waits. The squirrel then acrobatically reaches out from the tree and hangs onto the crook and then reaches down to the feeder...pause....He(or she) transfers their body entirely to the feeder and reaches for seed. Daisy goes ballistic barking and running and then jumping on the fence to try to catch the squirrel who is by now at the top of the tree chattering at her and twitching its tail.....then they start again....This went on for nearly 2 HOURS yesterday!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm for the Squirrel.. He needs a treat now and again.

This would be a time to sit on the porch with your cup of coffee and watch..

Fairfax, Va