Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fun Angles

Bride Image from above angleAdding Interest with Fun Angles

One thing we like to do through our wedding and portrait photography is to use different angles for a different perspective in a photograph. Just changing the angle the photo is shot from impacts the feeling of size and effects the way the light falls on it. It gives a fresh, interesting look to wedding photos and a feeling of action.

A lot of times it's a simple matter of turning the camera a bit. Getting a higher perspective allows you to accentuate a persons head and minimize their feet and body. Kind of gives a slight anime look. For crowd shots this allows you to get more faces in your photos and it encompasses the crowd grouping. Another fun perspective is to go low for a "dogs view" photo. This can add grandeur to a scene. It's easy to try in this digital photo age. You are only limited by your imagination.