Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rock Band 2

Sparkler HeartRock Band 2, Pizza, Boating & Sushi -
You might ask "What does all this have to do with weddings?" Well, Kristen and Chad were just the right fun couple that wanted to share all these things during their engagement photos and at their wedding? You might remember the
surfing groom we blogged about just a few weeks ago. Their wedding was last weekend out in Kingsland (on the water at an Uncle's lakefront property). This casual wedding had a "beach" theme with all the groomsmen in Tony Bahama style shirts - The bridesmaids were in stunning red dresses and the bride just gorgeous in a traditional gown. As the sun set on Lake LBJ our newly married couple posed for family photos with the lake as a backdrop. At one point a sport boat zoomed by and turned around to congratulate the bride in groom in "Texas lake Party" fashion. This sparkler heart was photographed near the end of the event. Just a few days later, Kristen and Chad stopped by the house for Pizza and to get an early view of their wedding photos since their honeymoon was not starting for a week. Debra and I had just purchased the Rock Band 2 video game and after pizza and photos all 4 of us got silly and played Rock Band- Chad on Drums, Kristen on Bass, Ray on Guitar and Debra on Vocals... Too much fun! After an instrument switch Chad took a stab at vocals... Lets just say that he'll keep his day job. We will have all the photos from this super fun wedding soon at

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the pictures to come out on the wedding. It sounds like they had a fun wedding.

Wish I could of join on the fun of the Rock Band Tour, just got my guitar yesterday. Maybe next time.