Friday, October 31, 2008

Bridal Portraits

Bride OneWhen you see bridal portraits whether in a magazine or framed on the wall, you might want to think about these three styles.

First is the beautiful bride in the fantasy setting. It is a stunning image of you, the bride as a small part of the overall image. Sometimes it is not easy to identify the bride. Now, you might think the fantasy portraits must be taken at some wonderful site or venue. They can just as easily be taken in front of a decrepit barn or a metal sculpture. These are still the fantasy shot whether medieval or futuristic.

Next is the traditional waist up portrait of you. This focuses on you as a beautiful bride…in your gown with your hair and makeup all beautifully done up. The setting in these is still important but mainly because it makes you feel good and that reflects in your photos.

The last style is a full length portrait of you and your dress. The focus is mainly on your dress…though you, of course, are an integral part. The beauty of your choice of gown and how it looks on you is your focus.

Bride 2 and 3Deciding which type of portrait that you want is very personal choice. I think the best method is a matter of grabbing a bridal book or magazine. Flip on through quickly and mark the ones that catch your attention. Once you finish then go back and make a tally for each type. Which one is you? Fantasy, Portrait or “My Dress”?

We photograph all three styles in each session. We like to take our brides to a non-studio location. We think you are more relaxed if we don’t have the studio lights glaring and a camera right your face. The setting can be as eclectic as in front of a mural wall or posed as a statue among statues…or as traditional as columns, a rock/brick wall or even just beautiful greenery. We pay careful consideration to positioning you to your best advantage…to diminish that which you want diminished and yet showcase you as the gorgeous bride you are. We key on your "best side" and best expression. We suggest that you have someone with you to assist with your hair and you with blotting papers and water. No matter where you take your bridal portraits or what time of the year or the style you prefer….the key is to have fun while you are doing this. You are a supermodel for a day. Your enjoyment of your session will reflect in your photos.

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