Saturday, September 6, 2008

Destination Austin Tx

At the Altar

Destination Weddings - Most weddings have a few travelers who attend. But there are some where the Bride & Groom are also counted among the travelers to their own wedding. This is what has been defined as a Destination Wedding - A location that neither the bride or groom live. Just this past weekend Adam and Michelle were united in a stylish University of Texas wedding inside the Texas Union Ballroom. This wonderful Jewish couple both attended the University of Texas and in fact as they had met there it seemed to them the perfect place to tie the knot. The elegant and colorful event was blessed with family and friends traveling from Phoenix Az, Dallas Tx, Chicago Il (the Bride & Groom) and as far as Israel. This high energy wedding supported many traditions, the Badeken, a ceremony under the Chuppah, the Ketubah signing ceremony, Breaking the Glass, Yichud, a Festive Kosher meal (Seudah) and more - The UT ballroom was divided for both ceremony and reception offering a low light warm ceremony from the wood flooring and window light and then a full elegant reception just on the other side of the tasteful room dividers. The Groom, groomsmen & Fathers of the Bride & Groom sported burnt orange UT Yamulke with the white UT longhorn on the back. The bride did have a humorous request to the DJ - "no music from Fiddler on the Roof!" - We were amazed at the spectacular Mitzvah Dancing and found out from a guest that the bride Groom Break Dancinghad taught ballroom dancing at one time. The groom also surprised guests with a fantastic "break dance" routine - For the traditional Horah dance Michelle was ready to be hoisted into the air - but first she made sure the chair had arms for her to hold onto - a crowd of strong friends and relatives were on hand to lift the couple and then their parents. As photographers we made sure to have a small step ladder on hand enabling us to capture the moment from the brides/grooms point of view above the crowd. The DJ played some Klezmer music for circle dancing. This brought both Jewish and non-Jewish, young and old wedding guests up onto the dance floor together. As a special treat - some friends of the groom gathered together on stage to sing "In the still of the night". The lead singers high falsetto song was accomplished flawlessly! The evening concluded with hugs, toasts - well wishes and a final prayer.

Mazal Tov Adam & Michelle! Mazal Tov All!
For more images from this wedding - please CLICK HERE

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