Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tats, Plugs, Piercings – Tradition!

See images from this wedding, click the link below 28 selected imagesI’ve been spending a lot of time at a web site I just discovered - OffBeatBride.Com. Ariel, the websites author & book by the same name considers this “Wedding Porn” – when you stare at wedding photos over & over again as if they were “Porn” – what a clever phrase. This is a fun site for all brides – even those that are not “off beat”. Some of the photos are just fantastic – bright bold colors, unique photos of couples and a Star Wars wedding! Great ideas can come from many sources and offbeat bride offers many ideas you might not find anyplace else.

This got me to thinking – How many weddings/brides of ours in the past 8 years might be considered off beat? Surely a bridal portrait with a live bull would be off the norm – but here in Texas – BEVO is such an icon – he might not be considered that far off. So, of the many weddings we have done – We have put together a few images in our new
Eclectic section. Tube socks under the wedding dress, photos with bulls, tats on backs (and other places), cakes with skull characters as the bride and groom - I felt these items fell into the off center / off beat category. Still – one of the most unique weddings we documented with photos was of a young bridge / groom of jewish faith sporting tats, plugs and piercings. I can remember the Rabi’s comments when he met this young couple for the first time. The most Spirted young couple he had ever wed!

This simple back yard wedding did have many
jewish traditions – A chuppah (canopy), the brides badeken (veil), breaking of the glass and a room full of festive food. Our bride chose a strapless dress allowing for full display of her colorful skin illustration, the grooms ear plugs and piercings clearly boasted a modern youthful spirit as the Rabi acknowledged. One of my favorite photos is of the groom’s hands cradling the silver wine challis – with finger tats in full glory! I’ll let the 28 selected images from this wedding tell the story as only photographs can. Enjoy!

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Z. Ortega said...

I love the last photo..the one with the bride on a rock and her bouquet is at her feet....that photo is "moving" :) Great Work!