Thursday, July 17, 2008

BEVO Bridal

BEVO BrideA little while ago we had a bride that was marrying a former University of Texas football player. As both were UT graduates the wedding was set to have a UT theme, burnt orange bridesmaid dresses, Bevo grooms cake and of course – a bridal portrait with the UT mascot BEVO. Gisela “G” as she liked to be called had made arrangements (a donation) to the organization that cares for Bevo. G’s mom also had made a 15 foot long detatchable(very important) train for her dress that had the longhorn logo lightly embossed into the fabric. We had to drive to a “semi secret” location – the Home of Bevo and promised not to share the location with anyone. After meeting the handlers – we started a warm up session out in the field. It was a breezy day and the 15ft train whipped about in the wind… Good thing it wasn’t red as Bevo kept a sharp eye on the train. Bevo with bride and handlersNext was over near the barn area – where G held the reins of Bevo for several wonderful photos. Of course, more than once Bevo did what bulls do out in the field - Eeeewwwhh! but at no time did the dress get soiled. G was also prompted to bring a “team jersey” for some fun photos that she could “tease” her finance with in a card to him the day of the wedding. Texas, Ya gotta love these Texas football gals.

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Cassie said...

BEAUTIFUL shots, guys!! I should have thought of posing with Bevo. :)