Thursday, July 24, 2008


Through the glass We just added a new section to our website for those brides that like to run a little off the beaten path. This area will support photos that are not the norm - but still tasteful. We will post photos of brides in water, bold colors added to a wedding dress, fun shoes - comfortable shoes, unique cakes...
Many of the things we see at weddings that just don't fit the norm.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Trash The Dress

Ladies, do you want to Trash the Dress? Were not just talking getting dirty with a little mud - were talking ripping, tearing, paint, wet! Check out THIS STORY. If you know of someone that would be interested (or that wants to get out in to the water), we have a boat! The weather in Austin is great - now is the time to trash the dress. This is a FREE Session with a 20x30 inch mounted print as a keepsake! Please call us with your ideas or suggestion, we have a few of our own - but would love to hear from you-

Raymond / Debra

Thursday, July 17, 2008

BEVO Bridal

BEVO BrideA little while ago we had a bride that was marrying a former University of Texas football player. As both were UT graduates the wedding was set to have a UT theme, burnt orange bridesmaid dresses, Bevo grooms cake and of course – a bridal portrait with the UT mascot BEVO. Gisela “G” as she liked to be called had made arrangements (a donation) to the organization that cares for Bevo. G’s mom also had made a 15 foot long detatchable(very important) train for her dress that had the longhorn logo lightly embossed into the fabric. We had to drive to a “semi secret” location – the Home of Bevo and promised not to share the location with anyone. After meeting the handlers – we started a warm up session out in the field. It was a breezy day and the 15ft train whipped about in the wind… Good thing it wasn’t red as Bevo kept a sharp eye on the train. Bevo with bride and handlersNext was over near the barn area – where G held the reins of Bevo for several wonderful photos. Of course, more than once Bevo did what bulls do out in the field - Eeeewwwhh! but at no time did the dress get soiled. G was also prompted to bring a “team jersey” for some fun photos that she could “tease” her finance with in a card to him the day of the wedding. Texas, Ya gotta love these Texas football gals.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

20 Year Anniversary

Debra (left) and Tour Guide Shelly (right) on The SegwayGet away on a Segway! For our 20th wedding anniversary, my lovely wife had set up a downtown Austin Tx tour on segways. On many photo shoots near the Austin Capitol, we had seen the Segway’s zipping about and I’ve always wanted to take a glide. We used the rental service Gliding Revolution for our first experence. Our guide Shelly was very helpful and fun to work with. We had scheduled the Austin Lady Bird Lake / East Austin tour and could not have been more satisified. We started early hoping to beat some of the heat. Shelly brought us up to speed on how to ride a Segway in about 5 minutes. These things are COOL and turn on a dime! On one part of the tour we crossed a small bridge over Lady Bird Lake and saw below us a pair of bass in the lake. The largest must have been over 10 lbs! It was HUGE! Too bad we didn’t bring our fishing poles. Haha, but it was our anniversary after all. We ended the tour over at the Austin Mexican American Cultural Center. We will have to return for a photowalk as the exterior building architecture has many sharp angles that would welcome photography. Next up, on our mini tour – Click for larger imageBarton Springs Pool for a cool swim! What better way to cool off from the Texas Summer Heat than a dip in 68 degree Barton Springs. This was my first time swimming at Barton Springs Pool and I’m so glad I brought my snorkel. We were able to discover a spawning pair of stripped Fish – about 8 to 10 inches. The fish were not shy and allowed us to observed them close up for several minutes. We also saw many Texas Cichlids and tangerine colered Sunfish. All and all a refreshing break from the summer heat. All this activity made us hungry so we headed just down the road for Shady Grove’s famous Tortilla Fried Catfish with twiced baked jalepeno potatos! Yum. We ended the day running out to a “dive/scuba” shop off 620 to pick up some new swim masks and fins. Couldn’t ask for a better day.
Happily married to my bride of 20 years!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Big Glass

Help Caption This Photo OK, this is just a fun image from a recent Austin Texas wedding. Can you help caption this photo?

Please leave your comments/caption ideas.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

On her last leg

Brenda at SunsetToday I met Brenda, she said that her name is Brenda but that her friends call her Ilean… She really said that! I didn’t get the joke at first, it wasn’t until I introduced her to my wife that it sunk in. We were on the way home from a portrait session out at the Laguna Gloria Art Museum when on the corner of Parmer and I-35 in Austin Tx, we saw Brenda with her sign. My first comment to Debra was – OK, that gal has a great outlook and sense of humor – turning an unfortunate situation into something else. A way to make a living. When we chatted with Brenda she was full of smiles, with a great outlook on life – positive, friendly – very warm and welcoming. I told her that I had been taking photos for the past 35 years and had a special passion for street photos – mostly from my Navy days overseas, and still today love to indulge in them when Debbie and I go out photowalking – or on photo safari’s as Debra calls them. Brenda told us a little about her 19 year old son in Tyler and her daughter’s view on how she gets by. One of her main frustrations comes from the many “tickets” she and her friends get from the local police. She just can’t pay them, jaywalking, loitering, sleeping in public areas, or whatever else the police seem to come up with to keep her in check. Brenda also told us she had been photographed many times… Mostly from cars with “cell phone cameras” – once though, a photographer from the Austin American Statesman did a small story about her when she was working on Riverside. We chatted a bit more, told some “photography” jokes and exchanged contact info. Brenda didn’t have an address so she promised to call me so I could get her a copy of this photo. We may get together again for a “night time” photo session, putting car trails off into the dark of night… I hope she calls.