Friday, June 27, 2008

Wedding Day PanCake

With this RingEnhelika & Shaun Got Married in Round Rock Today! This 9AM justice of the peace wedding was to honor Enhelika’s late grandfather (and each other). Shaun had made a promise to Enhelika’s grandfather upon asking for her hand in marriage and when her Grandfather passed recently they modified and accelerated their plans. This time next year, June 27th, 2009 – Enhelika & Shaun will renew their vows on their 1st year wedding anniversary. This will be the traditional wedding event, white dress, family, friends, wedding cake etc…

Wedding PanCake

With today’s vows part of a larger plan – our small group (9) all had time for a wedding breakfast at Denny’s after the cermony. Debra and I pulled the manager aside and asked if a “special” pancake could be made – A wedding pancake! Denny’s of Round Rock was up to the task and a short time later a super large single pancake (the size of a bar tray) arrived with strawberries and whipped cream spelling out “Just Married” YUM! We photographed the cutting of the “cake” and everyone at the table had a small slice – it was really good! Now it just might have been a JP Ceremony but there is no reason not to have photos and make the day special. We look forward to this time next year when we photograph the “big ceremony”. Congratulations Enhelika & Shaun!

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