Thursday, June 26, 2008

Family Weddings

Rich & Kelli Left - Desten & Melissa RightWe have decided that the Stephen F. Austin Hotel in downtown Austin, TX should be known as “bride central” on a Saturday night. We were there for the reception for Melissa & Desten’s wedding this past weekend. As we were exiting from the reception near midnight there had to be 4 other newlywed couples checking in for their wedding nights. Plus, Melissa & Desten returned from their carriage ride exit! I think we were only out there for about a half hour saying goodbyes. It took us a little longer than normal to say goodbye as we had photographed Melissa’s brother Rich’s wedding to Kelli at the Lakeway Inn a number of years ago. So we were not only able to see Melissa & Desten joined in marriage but we got to see the family again and renew friendships. It’s wonderful to catch up with all of them and photograph this latest family event. We love the maintaining of relationships with our newlyweds and families.

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