Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Candid, Fun Wedding Photos

Just a Peek Not all of the wedding photos need to be serious; sure a professional wedding photographer is going to get the formal photos with mom, dad, family and extended family, college friends, house party etc… But many times the photos we cherish the most are the fun images that can happen at a wedding! We always have at least 2 cameras going at any given time. Often our “associates” that assist will bring their camera to build their wedding portfolio – and at the same time add a 3rd perspective.
Spoons YEA!We look for the “fun” photos and encourage everyone to be at ease with the camera. Often we use our telephoto lens to capture the action at a distance. The long lens also has the benefit of the soft focus background to isolate the subject, bringing the attention back to the person(s) in the photo.

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