Saturday, June 28, 2008

New York Wedding

New York Skyline near SunsetTraveling with a camera was my primary job as a Navy photographer. What a pleasure to be in your early twenties, traveling across the United States or the Western Pacific (Singapore, Thailand, Japan, The Philippines). Fast forward – present day, New York, Montana, Chicago, Georgia, Lubbock Texas are some of the places we have traveled to as destination wedding photographers. Our brides and grooms receive a unique package as we love to travel so when we get a request to visit locations outside our home state of Texas – We often work out a “Mini Vacation” exchange. We add a few days after the wedding to visit the local flavor – and only ask the bride/groom to pick up travel expenses (meals, motel, rental car etc). The actual wedding photography is at little or no cost! Yes, that’s right – no cost! We can’t wait for someone going to Hawaii, The Bahamas, Bermuda, Florida or other unique location to “take us with them”.

Ken, Brandie and Wedding Party in LeRoy New Your
Our couple from New York, Ken and Brandie, ended up with such a value package as we happily provided over 4 days of photography. We started in LeRoy, New York, (home of Jell-O) where the bride’s family resided. Rehearsal day and rehearsal dinner coverage was included as we were already there – we were invited to join the happy couple and tell their entire story! After the ceremony in LeRoy – we had a days travel by car with the Wedding party to Long Island, where the grooms family had grown up and had friends of the family ready to celebrate with the wedding couple all over again. The difference in traditional songs, etc between the two locations Leroy and Long Island was interesting! Ken and Brandie also let us know that their first night as newlyweds would be near Times Square and we were planning a day in NYC – So we encouraged a “brief” get together for a few nighttime photos – we didn’t want to interrupt the honey moon as it was a secret to the family that they were still in town. We have become good friends with Ken and Brandie, they have been to Texas with their first born “Victoria”– and we just received a photo greeting announcing the arrival of their second daughter – “Katherine”. The photo greeting announcing Katherine’s arrival prompted this blog article – Debra and I would encourage couples getting married outside of our primary market – Austin, TX to contact us at 512-989-6952 or We would love to tell your destination wedding story and pick up a few days working mini vacation as an exchange for services. We have our passports ready! Each package will depend on our availability – and unique travel destination -

Friday, June 27, 2008

Wedding Day PanCake

With this RingEnhelika & Shaun Got Married in Round Rock Today! This 9AM justice of the peace wedding was to honor Enhelika’s late grandfather (and each other). Shaun had made a promise to Enhelika’s grandfather upon asking for her hand in marriage and when her Grandfather passed recently they modified and accelerated their plans. This time next year, June 27th, 2009 – Enhelika & Shaun will renew their vows on their 1st year wedding anniversary. This will be the traditional wedding event, white dress, family, friends, wedding cake etc…

Wedding PanCake

With today’s vows part of a larger plan – our small group (9) all had time for a wedding breakfast at Denny’s after the cermony. Debra and I pulled the manager aside and asked if a “special” pancake could be made – A wedding pancake! Denny’s of Round Rock was up to the task and a short time later a super large single pancake (the size of a bar tray) arrived with strawberries and whipped cream spelling out “Just Married” YUM! We photographed the cutting of the “cake” and everyone at the table had a small slice – it was really good! Now it just might have been a JP Ceremony but there is no reason not to have photos and make the day special. We look forward to this time next year when we photograph the “big ceremony”. Congratulations Enhelika & Shaun!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Family Weddings

Rich & Kelli Left - Desten & Melissa RightWe have decided that the Stephen F. Austin Hotel in downtown Austin, TX should be known as “bride central” on a Saturday night. We were there for the reception for Melissa & Desten’s wedding this past weekend. As we were exiting from the reception near midnight there had to be 4 other newlywed couples checking in for their wedding nights. Plus, Melissa & Desten returned from their carriage ride exit! I think we were only out there for about a half hour saying goodbyes. It took us a little longer than normal to say goodbye as we had photographed Melissa’s brother Rich’s wedding to Kelli at the Lakeway Inn a number of years ago. So we were not only able to see Melissa & Desten joined in marriage but we got to see the family again and renew friendships. It’s wonderful to catch up with all of them and photograph this latest family event. We love the maintaining of relationships with our newlyweds and families.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Candid, Fun Wedding Photos

Just a Peek Not all of the wedding photos need to be serious; sure a professional wedding photographer is going to get the formal photos with mom, dad, family and extended family, college friends, house party etc… But many times the photos we cherish the most are the fun images that can happen at a wedding! We always have at least 2 cameras going at any given time. Often our “associates” that assist will bring their camera to build their wedding portfolio – and at the same time add a 3rd perspective.
Spoons YEA!We look for the “fun” photos and encourage everyone to be at ease with the camera. Often we use our telephoto lens to capture the action at a distance. The long lens also has the benefit of the soft focus background to isolate the subject, bringing the attention back to the person(s) in the photo.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Why wedding photography so expensive

Albums and PrintsAfter the last bridal show in Austin Tx, we got together with some friends for dinner and the conversation shifted to the cost of wedding photography and why it can be so expensive. When someone books a 5-6 hour wedding with us they may not be aware that our true time commitiment to our customer is about 30 hours. We want our customers to understand that a professional photographer does more than “just shoot and burn a disk”. The wedding day is just the beginning. As professional photographers Everafter Images always photographs in camera RAW format. This means that our workflow after the wedding is a day or so to process the 800-1500 images. Yes, we do check/adjust each image for color balance, exposure, composition etc as part of our processing Then, we upload the entire wedding to the internet so family and friends can enjoy the photos. It takes quite a bit of time even with page templates and upload scripts to create/upload the 800-1500 thumbnail images, larger images and web proof pages. A few months after the wedding, our happily married couple contacts us to go over their initial selection(s) for inclusion into their album and for prints. Many times we meet again and go over the 1st draft list, then select album covers, inserts or work up album page layouts. The images then go “off to the lab” for printing/processing. The appointments, lab transportation, phone calls, emails, etc add a significant amount of time to a wedding client.

Anyway, as you go about selecting your photographer, please consider how much time and commitment your photographer is including in the “5 hour job” as you look at the cost for capturing your most special day – your wedding.