Saturday, May 17, 2008

Debra's Wedding Day Tips

I started thinking this morning about the things I say to a bride before and during the wedding and thought I'd share.... (note: these are not in any particular order but just as they popped into my head) :) Numero Uno is to relax and have fun- If some little detail doesnt go absolutely perfect, that's OK....think about someone really going to know exactly what colors for decor or cake icing or flowers you chose? Mellisa gets a lift

2. I think that this would be to delegate. That's what wedding attendants are for! Have them help with last minute details and getting you in the dress, shoes & veil. Definitely let them know what you'd like their help with before the big day. (things to delegate: programs, guest book placement, gift removal afterwards, tuxes returned, etc)

3. Family coordination for photographer (this is HUGE!....I dont know how many times we have had to delay family photos while sending someone out hunting for someone) The rehearsal dinner is a great time to remind family members to wait after the ceremony for photos.

4. Have your Maid/Matron of Honor put together an emergency bag with items like a mini-sewing kit, safety pins, hair pins, toupe tape(double sided tape that adheres to skin can be found at a beauty supply store), blotting papers, tampons and breath mints(no gum) even bottled water and a small tidy snack like pretzels or a power bar to keep your stomach settled.
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5. Hair & Makeup- Make sure that you do a "trial run" of hair and makeup before the day. Salons will usually do this for you but even if you plan to "do it yourself" a trial run is a great idea so that you are happy with you for your big day.

6. Most bride's get wedding day shoes to match the dress. Please, please wear them before the wedding day. You want to be comfortable in your shoes dancing the night away. If you love the look of the strappy heels for the ceremony and photos then bring some flip flops for the reception so you can really enjoy.

7. Makeup- Waterproof mascara and long lasting lipstick are a MUST HAVE for your day. I have found that the new mineral powders do a super job of setting your base coverage to last a long time flawlessly. Make a mini makeup kit for freshening before pictures and during the reception. You'll want powder or blotting papers and lipstick for sure.

8. Do NOT forget to eat something before the wedding. Traditionally, brides & grooms are to busy visiting with guests to get more than a bite or two of your wedding meal. You do not want to feel faint during the ceremony or reception.

9. Have a coordinator or wedding party member be your itenerary keeper to go between your DJ/Band, your photographer/videographers and you with 5 minute warnings for things like cake cutting, toasting and the coordinated dances. Remember, you are delegating.
Years down the line you want to look back on the photos/video and think about what a special day it was and not about how stressed you were. Think about it. This is your special day to be formally joined to the one you love. Above and beyond everything we are back to numero uno...RELAX AND HAVE FUN! Live, Love and Laugh!!! With lots of pictures, of course!

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